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Ahab Mentalities
Ahab mentalities always want what does not belong to them.
What then is an Ahab mentality you might ask?  An Ahab mentality has failure as its foundation, brought about because of deep, ongoing, unrepented sin.  
That place where God has designed within us for Him to dwell by the Holy Spirit, will become a void, an empty space because God's spirit will not dwell in an unclean temple. 
God has left home, not by His will, but he was traded in for sin.  Once the roots of sin are deeply intertwined within the souls of men, that hollow empty space begins to beckon to be filled with something, anything really.
Thus, we have the birth of the Ahab mentality.  Ahab mentalities always want what does not belong to them.  In their empty, unhappy state of mind they begin to look around them at the possessions of other people, and inevitably seek to take what is not rightfully theirs, in order to fill that void where God once was. 
By the time sin ushers one into the arms of an Ahab mentality, the point of no return has been reached, because by then God has put a for sale sign on their barren, empty souls, and the only one interested in buying is Satan, who has now become the defacto father to the rebellious ones.
Ahab, the king of Israel, was so wicked that he might as well have been baptized in sin.  This same Ahab decided that he wanted his neighbor's vineyard. 
Naboth refused to sell it to him, or except a substitution for it, because he told the king that it was his inheritance from the Lord, and he could not sell it. 
Ahab was married to a wicked woman called Jezebel, who gathered evil men to lie against Naboth, and had him stoned to death, so that her husband could take possession of the vineyard that did not belong to him.  Even though he was the king of Israel, he did not have the right to simply take another man's inheritance.
When Ahab went to possess Naboth's vineyard, God sent Elijah the prophet to tell Ahab that in the same place where the dogs licked up the blood of Naboth, the dogs will lick up his blood. According to the Word of the Lord, the dogs licked up the blood of Jezebel also.
As a result of Ahab's actions God destroyed his whole house, killing all 70 of his sons.  Divine judgment found Ahab; he lost everything because of the vineyard of his lust. 
Consequently, Ahab never had a chance to enjoy the vineyard that Jezebel murdered Naboth to get for him, but instead he met up with the wrath of God. 
That is the end result of people who have fallen so far over in sin, that they have arrogantly thought within themselves, that they could do anything they so please, to obtain anything they so desire. 
This is so because they evicted God from off the throne in their lives, and sit as a lord unto themselves, failing to realize that their brief sojourn on this earth is tenuous at best. 
Because of their rejection of God, they are unsuccessfully trying to walk forward in the quicksands of rebellion, and cannot perceive their own demise.  If Ahab knew the end of the fulfillment of his lust for another man's inheritance, he would have never looked upon Naboth's vineyard.
Somewhat like a thief breaking into someone's home to steal, only to get shot to death.  Had the thief but known that was going to be his last night on earth, no doubt, he would have stayed at home and watched a movie instead.
Ahab mentalities are people dissatisfied with their lot in life, and seek satisfaction in the destruction of someone else's life, only to come face to face with the consequences of evil, the recompense, otherwise known as God's Divine Judgment.
It's odd how when we wake up in the morning, and life seems to be going on as normal, but we hear stories all the time of people dying suddenly, just happenstance, a freak accident, or a heart attack...
They never had an inkling that this morning would be their last morning on earth.  If they had known, I wonder what they would have changed about their day.  
They never had an inkling that this morning would be their last morning on earth.They probably made themselves a cup of coffee, 
read the newspaper, and went about their
daily routine, until their time ran out a few short hours later.  Ahab mentalities don't realize that they are playing the dangerous game of Russian roulette with their lives.  At any moment God can take His breath back, and life as we know it will cease to exist.  That is why emphasis should always be on what occurs after this life in Eternity.
If you are wrestling with Ahab mentalities in your life don't fret, because the dogs are always waiting, and suddenly their time in this life will run out.
If there is someone trying to undercut you, trying to take what God has given you, trying to make you look bad by lying on you, trying to paint false pictures of who you are, don't worry about them, just wait it out, just endure the Trial of Jezebel, and in the end Jezebel will meet her dogs. 
Only God can mete out perfect justice because He knows all the facts of the case.The sins of men call forth the Dogs of Recompense from the four corners of the earth, swiftly bringing the Judgment of God on the Wings of Justice.  Remember one thing!  Everything belongs to God, so when someone takes something away from you, it is God they are robbing.  Consider then the heated anger of the Lord as He rises from His throne, and looks into your situation with His all knowing power, and adjudicates your situation from on high. 
He cannot make a mistake because he knows all the facts of your case, therefore, he metes out perfect justice.  He knows what no one else knows.  He knows the thoughts and intents of the hearts of men.  There is no secret thing hidden from the eyes and ears of God.  He cannot be bamboozled by the intricate facades of sin hidden within the deep crevices of the souls of men who have cast God's infinite love carelessly behind their back.
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