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9:38 PM
I have searched you out and seen all your hiding places. I have looked beneath the rocks of your offenses and found you trembling in despair over there in your wretched home called hell, where you fell into the depth of sin, and reveled in the false notes played to you by the evil one whom I destroyed before the world was.

Look now to the East, the West, the South and the North, for out of the four corners of the world will I bring a strong and hard recompense. I will shake the very foundations of hell until the children of Satan begin to cry loud unto me looking for an avenue of escape, but to the wicked of the earth the doors to salvation have been shut, and they stand outside of Eternity with no hope of entrance.

I sent my light into hell, but my light was abused, misused, stolen from, pillaged and raped. I sent my light of deliverance into the heated crevices of hell to lead the wicked out, but they would have none of me, and re-crucified me yet again. You turned your backs to me oh wicked men and women, thus I have turned my back to you. When you cry in your pains and sufferings I will not hear you. When you seek repentance because of all the multi-faceted destructions that I will bring upon you, I will not hear your prayers for they will be hateful to me, and an abomination to my holiness.

All that you have done will I multiply it and give it back to you one hundred fold, until the cry of the wicked is heard around the world. As you have done so shall I do unto you. You have closed the doors of opportunity to the righteous, but opened wide the doors to the wicked and caused the most wicked ones to ascend unto great heights, multiplying their wealth and status in the world. For surely this shall be a sign unto you. I will pull down the wicked in high places. I will deplete their wealth and take their lives and return them back into dust. 

I will take the famous, the celebrities from among you, the ones who have sold their souls to the devil for riches and popularity; these very ones whom you bow the knee to and lift up as great men and women. Them will I take, them will I destroy first among you by twos, threes and fours. All in one day shall calamity befall nations for I will sweep the world of the debris of wickedness, and clean out all the hidden crevices of sin, and whoever I find hidden there I will certainly destroy.
Turn to any channel in any nation worldwide and listen to the downfall of hell being broadcast live for the whole world to see. Take your shovels in your hands and dig there forth your own graves. For ye be all dead men and women, seeking shelter in a strange land for your way is lost. Your end has come and the voracious feeding upon my people has come to a swift end.

I will certainly turn you out of your homes and strip you of all your possessions. For as you have drawn a map of your own destruction, and handed it to me on a silver platter of ignorance, for I have watched you while you stole, I watched you while you were killing my people, and devouring them like bread, I watched the destruction of all your machinations from my throne in the heavens above you. 

My eyes saw all that you did and my angels were writing it all down in the book that the world will be judged by, and the judgment of the wicked has come to the world. There will be no hiding places. There will be no mercy for your end has come. I will shut the womb of your women and if they bring forth it will be to destruction and despair and to weeping and mourning. 

For as you have killed my children in the womb so will I kill yours, as you have murdered my people without end so will I send forth the Death angel to visit all of your homes, every single one. Not one house will be unvisited by death. 

Set therefore your houses in order and prepare to meet your destined demise, destruction and descension into hell permanently, to spend all of Eternity in the mouth of the beast as he devours you again and again as the food you have become; meat to the beast of hell.

Turn around in your sin and behold the knock of recompense at your front door and know that I am the God whom you have rejected wholeheartedly. Know also that I am the God who will bring you down from your arrogant heights and instill in you the truth of your soon approaching destruction. 

For I will cause destruction to form a wall around you, in front of you, behind you, on your left side, and on your right side, and this wall of destruction will bring you into the destined tragedy of a mad people who have rejected the God of love, the God who created them with a Father's loving heart, but what have you done with my love? 
You have trampled my heart of love beneath your feet and mocked and tormented the ones who do love me, a people whose heart is our towards me, a people who have returned my love and have lived their lives according to my Word, a people who shall be with me in Paradise, whereas you will be sitting in the fires of hell bemoaning your pain and suffering, reliving your mistakes and your rebellions over and over again throughout all of Eternity.

Listen for the voice of judgment for she has spoken in my ears about the wicked, how they have hunted souls from sunrise to sunset every single day since their infamous fall into hell's tenacious grasp. 

For the wicked have polluted the Garden of My Love, therefore I will weed my Garden and pull the wicked up by their very roots. For behold I see their seat in the sanctuary where my blessings fall all around them. I see the tendrils of the wicked weeds all around my people sucking the very life out of them like snakes sucking eggs, therefore will I cut the head of the snakes of evil off and destroy them from among my people.

Wherefore has the wicked vaunted themselves up into high places controlling and manipulating my people as if they were puppets on strings? So will I control and manipulate the wicked, driving them into desert places and abandoning them there, where I will methodically turn them into dust on the face of the whole earth.

The earth is in the throes of transition day by day. As my Word comes to pass I will overturn everything that is not of me. Sin has marched into every corner of the world, but by my power will I evict the evil of sin from the earth, and cause my spirit to dwell in the hearts and minds of my people as never before. Babies will be born saved by my Holy Spirit, and children will I use on the earth to bring my anointed power in the midst of my people. 

Step by step will I usher in a new dimension on the face of the whole earth. I will shift the power constructs of the world into the hands of my disciples, and they will cause my people to be blessed, and I will bless the whole earth and cause my glory to fall as never before. 

My holy presence will be upon the shoulders of my anointed prophets who will surely guide the world into righteousness in my holy presence, and I will give new songs to my people to sing unto me. For the world will shift in its focus and her eyes will be upon me. For she will realize that I am her bread, that I am her air, that by my power and by my power alone will I bring my church up higher and higher in me, until praises to my glory and majesty are heard all over the world.

People will be praying on street corners continuously all over the world, and I will accept their sacrifices and bless those cities, those nations and those inhabitants because their eyes are stayed on me, and I will open the doors of heaven and pour out from my infinite blessings upon the earth and renew the earth, and cause wealth to multiply as never before. For I will cause secret treasure, hidden treasures to be found and discovered specifically to bless my people as never before.

I will cause my people to stand up tall and walk before me in righteousness. All things evil will fall away and be trampled under the feet of my beloved ones. I will certainly open the storehouses of my blessings and bid my people to come forth and receive from me blessings upon blessings, and I will rain joy down from the heavens and cause joy to rise up from the earth and sit in a high place.

For the earth will tilt on her axis because of the power of the destruction of the wicked, and after I have destroyed them utterly, I will right adjust the world according to my holy will. I will heal my people and restore them, and lift them up from within and beautify my people, my church, my bride.

For I am preparing my bride to meet me down the isle of love to embrace her with an eternal embrace, to introduce her to all the infinite blessings I have prepared for her even before the foundations of the world were laid. Come my people into my holy presence and know me and allow me to bless you, to strengthen you, to restore you to your former glory that you had with me before Satan fell to the earth.

For I have great chains to lock the wicked behind permanently; the bars of their own delusions, because of the choice that they made to turn away from my profound love, to accept evil over good, to walk according to the imagination of their own hearts and minds, walking among the cursed snakes of the world.

So I will wrap the snake around the necks of my enemies, and cause them to be choked to death by their own blindness to the truth of who I am, the Father of Light, the Song in the hearts of my people who serve me with love, discipline and obedience to me, because I am first in the lives of my people. For when I speak to them, and tell them to do thus and so, they obey me and I am a God who blesses an obedient people, who stirs up from the depth of my being eternal blessings, unique blessings, and pours them upon my people like refreshing heavenly waters.
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