Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium
How to endure bereavement, and come out on the other side of the pain of a broken heart? 
Healing Your HeartThe gaping hole in your soul needs to be filled, and the only viable filler is the spirit of God. 
When you lose a loved one you are initially angry at God for taking them away from you. 
Because you know that all power rest in the hands of God, consequently, you also know that they would not have died unless God allowed it to happen.
Nevertheless, anger at God is a complete waste of your time, because as long as you stay angry at Him he will not help you get past the pain, and to accept His will.
God is the only one who can heal your heart.  You must then cry on his shoulders, and let Him comfort you. 
From that point on the unfathomable hole in your soul will begin to heal day by day, and you will be back in right relationship with God again.
Anger at God will always have its origins in Satan, who desires to use your pain and suffering to create a chasm between you and God.
If the chasm remains in tact too long Satan will succeed in separating you from the exquisite love of God.  That is why it is imperative to give your broken heart to God as soon as you possibly can, knowing that He has the power to hold you together through his divine love, and transform your brokenness into a new avenue of the wonderful possibility of a miracle.
Spiritual Healing
After the funeral is over, and all the people are gone, and you are left alone, and the emptiness within the quietness of your soul becomes like a hollow drum beating louder and louder, this is the perfect time to put your troubled mind, heart, and soul in the hands of the master surgeon, God.
He will then begin the healing and renewing process by filling that emptiness within you with himself via the Holy Spirit.
Trusting God with Everything
You can survive the most difficult time in your life through the divine intervention of the power of God's love and care, even if you don't yet understand the why of it all.  The key is to trust that God knows what He is doing, and there are questions we may never find the answer to. 
Nevertheless, our love for God must not waiver even in the face of seemingly unbearable pain. 
Trusting God with everything that you are and everyone close to you is a prerequisite of enduring the Christian journey.
When my daughter died suddenly, I thought the pieces of myself would never come together again, but when I gave up my anger at God for taking her away, and lay on his shoulders weeping out all my sorrow and despair, he healed all the scattered pieces of me, and put me back together again.
May God ever surround you with His incomparable love, and reveal to you the infinite flower gardens of blessings awaiting you on the other side of your pain and suffering.
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