Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium

Pinned upside down,
And tied with a red ribbon, 
Let the white rose, which 
Symbolizes purity, innocence, 
Spirituality, and sympathy, 
Represent mourning for 
Millions of babies who
Are aborted every year
All over the world 

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations (Jeremiah 1:5).
I am overwhelmed at times by the callousness that represents abortion. I am in the process of publishing a book titled "Miracles in the Trash" about the secret horror story of the ongoing holocaust that abortion represents. 

Who is   mourning all the murdered babies? Who is crying for them? I see no tears falling. I hear no wailing women. And the silence is deafening. 
The shedding of innocent blood will not go unpunished by God. Never think so. 

We as a nation have entered into the reaping season, and even all the nations that allow such atrocities go occur in the name of a woman's right to choose to kill her unborn baby. 

No one has that right because life and death is God, the Father's domain.
We overstep our boundaries as finite human beings created by the God of righteousness at our own peril. If we but listen to our heart it will tell us that abortion is not only wrong, but heinously sinful, evil and contrary to the divine will of God. It was Satan who laid the first stone in the building constructed to destroy God's newly created lives, babies with a God-given destiny and purpose who are cruelly and "legally" aborted.

History tells us that man writes laws to justify doing evil. Just because it is legal does not make it right. Anything constructed on an evil foundation will eventually crumble within the parameters of finite time and God's divine will.

Abortion has had its day of darkness, but the sun of hope is rising, and the souls of men are reawakening to the reality of who God is, which leads them to determine more clearly what is right and what is wrong. Even though they ignore the silent clamoring in their hearts because sin is blocking the voice of the Lord, eventually sin will be quiet, and the voice of the Lord will be heard from one corner of the world to the other.

Once the truth takes root in the hearts and minds of men and women worldwide, and they walk into the reality of what abortion actually is, and discover the underground nightmare emerging into the clear light of day, there will be no way for the catastrophe of abortion to continue.

We are talking about innocent unborn babies with no one to protect their right to life but a callous backslidden generation of people who have lost their connection to God the Father. How can man embrace God with one arm and kill an innocent baby with the other arm. The two faces cannot co-exist except within the parameters of insanity.

History also reveals the insanity of mankind repeatedly until he finally realized he has somersaulted off the cliff of reason into the great abyss of hell right into the arms of Satan. Having come to himself man then makes a right adjustment to his thinking apparatus and makes a u-turn back into the embrace of reason.
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