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Miracles in the Trash 
A Musical Play about God's Perspective on Abortion
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An Excerpt from Miracles in the Trash


Host inhales deeply to synchronize the collective voices to sound like one voice.

Pardon me my Lord, but you know how they are. Every voice wants to be heard individually. To answer your question my Faithful Lord and Father, your people are crying predominately because their hearts are broken. They, in their ignorance, are continually searching for love in the wrong places. They are not aware, most of them anyway, that you, my Father, are the love that they seek. Moreover, in the process, they have misplaced their trust in human beings who are fraught with frailty, and come away disillusioned and very deeply hurt.

Your children are weeping into their pillows night after night because of emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse. They have been scarred and wounded, some to the point that they have loss normal functionality, as it relates to their psychological well-being. Many children have run away from their abusive homes, and have sold themselves into prostitution in order to survive. As you know, depraved and the wicked people who play an enormous role in the overflow of tears that are continuously running down the Twin Rivers of Despair and Suffering, prey upon the young in every society.

Millions of women are crying because they regret aborting their babies, and are mentally tortured daily because of it. They cannot find peace because they seek to drown their sorrows in negative ways instead of seeking your forgiveness my Lord.

Some are crying because they have lost their loved ones, and cannot fathom why you have taken them away. They are angry at you, and therefore will not allow you to comfort them. They do not yet understand that my Lord God gives, and my Lord God takes away, that in all circumstances your will is supreme and your name is to be praised. They do not yet comprehend the mysteries of life, the why behind its beginning and the why behind its ending; nor do they comprehend the permeated evil present in the world that often is the foundation of their pain and distress. 

Blessed be the name of the Lord in confusion and doubt. Blessed be the name of the Lord through pain and suffering. Blessed be the name of the Lord in the midst of the greatest of trials and tribulations. Your people are crying tears of pain most Holy Father, because they do not comprehend that a rose petal cannot fall to the ground without your knowledge and permission, and that the whole of creation will cease to exist without your will to continue it.

A large majority of your people are crying out of want and need. They are suffering because of the greed of the few who have forsaken righteousness, and cast the poor and needy into incessant pools of degradation and utter despair, while pointing their finger at them, and saying to whoever will listen, that the poor are poor because of their own faults, when in fact the incessant greed of the few have swallowed up the world’s wealth, and try unsuccessfully to protect it behind the bars of silent shame.

Thank you for the rather disturbing but unsurprising report Angelic Host over the Tears of the World. Horrendous deeds proliferate primarily because of the darkness that is covering them, however, my plan is to shine the Light of Recompense in the Darkness of Evil and reveal to the world those secret sins, and cause the world to vomit up daily all of its hidden inhuman monsters, particularly those who cloak themselves in righteousness.

Angelic Host over the World’s Wealth and Governments, do you have a report prepared concerning the precarious state of the worlds’ wealth and governments?


When an Angelic Host speaks, it is with the 1,000 voices that make up its collective coalition.

My most adored Father, I do.

Synchronize your voices.


Inhales deeply to synchronize the 1,000 host voices.

Forgive me my Lord. The world’s wealth is unstable as you well know, since you are the creator of its instability as a recompense for sin, I believe. Nevertheless, some governments are somewhat more wobbly than others, due to the rampant misappropriation of their countries funds. Many world leaders have adorned themselves with their country’s wealth, and channeled it to those few wealthy individuals at the top of the stratum through despicable means, and at times, outright convoluted theft. Thus, many of the world’s leaders are corrupt, and unsuitable to be in positions of power, because they systematically abuse that power to the detriment of the many, to wrap themselves immodestly in the wealth of the land.

Greed proliferates on the earth because humanity has not yet grasped the simple concept that everything that is belongs to you most gracious Lord of lords. Man does not understand that it is God they are actually robbing when they steal, and misappropriate funds through lies and cruel, complex deceptions. They make that misstep often, and are seemingly unaware that your eyes and ears see and hear all things, that there is nothing outside of your unlimited purview.

Thank you Angelic Host over the World’s Wealth and Governments. You have certainly brought the world’s greed scenario into sharp focus once again. Unbeknownst to them, I have placed the world’s leader into the intricate Chambers of Judgment, and I am now weighing them in the balance. In just a short while many of them will be deemed unworthy, and be evicted from their posts to be replaced by those more commendable.

Angelic Host over Sin’s Recompense, dare I ask?


Host remembers to synchronize all the voices.

My most revered and dear Father, you have never asked a question that you did not already know the answer to, in light of which, I will endeavor to tell you as eloquently as I can that that you already know.

Currently, destruction, death and the overall suffering worldwide are still equally balanced with the sins of mankind. However, it should be noted that in just a few more hours that balance will be forfeited as sin overrides the balance barriers, and tips the world towards total annihilation. The sin barometer has just about reached its predestined level as it pertains to the overall survivability of the world. The eternal abyss of Hell’s mouth is slowly gapping open to receive the lost souls of arrogance.

That was very eloquent indeed Angelic Host over Sin’s Recompense. Thank you for being brief this time, in light of the fact that we have other pressing matters of import to discuss in this particular council session. Nevertheless, it should be noted that I have prepared a very unique package I call SIN’S RECOMPENSE for delivery to all the nations, which shall inevitably bring the world to its knees in repentance. There will be no other avenue down which the world can walk and be saved that does not lead directly to me.

Angelic Host over Human Destiny what do you have to report? 


Host voices are synchronized. 

My Holy Father, the destiny of humanity is still hopeful to some small degree. As you know, many prayers from the devout lovers of God are still piercing the heavenly spheres every moment of human existence unceasingly. It is those prayers that are holding the total annihilation of the world at bay. 

Four white swift eagles are yet flying over the four corners of the world, and reporting back to me about all the secret sins of mankind, and I am systematically exposing those secret sins to the world as the opportunity presents itself. We do know that there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, but it seems mankind sleeps on in a hapless delusion, which is caused by their sins. What is apparent to the wise is a stumbling block to the wicked of the world. 

The prayers of the righteous keep the River of Hope flowing freely down, around and through the Avenues of Time. Their songs of praise and worship cause the angels to smile, and send forth blessings from heaven’s abundant storehouse. It is these blessing that keep the world back from the Precipice of Doom. While the news is not all good my Lord, hope still shines brightly from the four corners of the world. 

The four Majestic Pillars of a Human Destiny are still in place, and are shored up by the prayers of your lovely ones. The Glory of your Holy Presence, through the prayers of the righteous, keeps the light of the Majestic Pillars of Human Destiny perpetually glowing from within with an infinite collection of golden stars. There is still hope that the world will break free from the net of evil that Satan has tossed over the world in its entirety, a net that has become as heavy chains within the hearts and souls of a sinful humanity. The wicked have allowed Satan to seduce them, bringing about the spiritual death of their souls, causing them to become his companions in an eternal hell. 

As usual, your report was lengthier than it needed to be, nevertheless, it is greatly appreciated for its clarity of thought, as always. I have set a fire to the net of evil that Satan has thrown over the whole world, and even now the fire of my jealousy is burning down the ramparts and constructs of evil. 

Satan becomes obviously alert when he hears this news, since it throws a wrench directly into his evil plans. 

In every corner of the world my fire is burning. There is not one place on the face of the whole earth where it will not touch. It will be pervasive and thoroughly complete in its mission to dispel the darkness in the minds of humanity, thus opening up the Heavens of Light that will shine in their minds, and set them utterly free from Satan’s chains of slavery to sin; what they do with that freedom is entirely up to them. And I well know that even though their prison doors will be open, and they have been set free, some will habitually remain imprisoned because they will fear the consequences of freedom, which comes with responsibility and the willingness to suffer for that which is right.

Although I hear the prayers of all my children, and answer them according to my will and their faith, there are a multitude of those who refuse to repent and pray to me because they lack faith in things eternal. They are constantly stumbling deeper into the depths of sin and forfeiting their God-ordained purpose in life, that thing for which they were created. Sin carries them down into the ravenous caverns of Hell’s shocking embrace; an evil embrace that will not let them go without my intervention. 

Faith is the only key to freedom that can liberate anyone from Satan’s grasp, and because many lack the prerequisite faith, they are forever locked in their own specific tombs of sin. Satan then has devoured their souls, and made them one with him to participate in his eternal damnation, thereby enlarging his army whose foundation is arrogance, treachery, and sheer stupidity....

I have called this meeting to discuss the urgent matter concerning Mary.

Mary, as in my mother? That Mary?

Yes, Jesus, we are here to discuss your mother?

Jesus gets up from the table apparently agitated, and begins to pace back and forth.

I don't see that there is anything to discuss. She aborted me! I am back home now. What difference can it possibly make now?
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