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Moses is Rising:
An Allegory
And the LORD said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows; And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey; unto the place of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites. Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel is come unto me: and I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them. Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 3:7-20). 
And from hell I rise, peering into all the desolate hiding places, asking questions of those residing in the caves of hopelessness. "Why are you here hiding from your God and your Creator?"
No answers are forthcoming, only vacant eyes stare back at me, their tears falling down inside, hidden even from themselves.
The gaunt souls of dissipation, the hollowness of abandoned dreams, the shredded hopes drowning in despair, are lost there among the remnants of humanity's wasteland, weeping inconsolably.
"How did you get here in this darkness, this despair, this gloomy vale of sadness?" As I continue my sojourn through the great abyss of hell, I found souls; men, women and children, wavering in the gentle breeze of illusion, trapped by consequences, languishing in desolation. 
It was then that I heard the bells of time ringing, announcing its soon departure. Time was in the process of picking up its foundation and removing to the outer realms of non-existence, causing tremendous upheavals in the earth's atmosphere.
Earthquakes were multiplying causing populations of the world to dwindle, as millions upon millions began to cross over into eternity's arms from finite time.
Floods drowned many multitudes of people from one corner of the world to another.  The fires of God were raging from the four corners of the earth.  Financial institutions were destabilizing worldwide. 
Diseases previously unknown to man seeped up from the surfaces of sin and captured the careless souls in its arms. The earth was suddenly moved out of its place. 
Everyone was in a frantic state of mind. Hell's arms began to retract.  The army of Satan was soundly defeated, trapped between time and infinity, whose gap suddenly closed leaving no space to negotiate salvation.
For the boat to eternity had already picked up anchor, and was fastly moving across the waters of time's refolding arms.  "Whither shall we go one asked?"
"Follow me.  I know the way. I am on the pathway that leads to eternal life. I am the safe way across the abyss. I am the bridge to eternity. I am the voice of God lingering momentarily in hell's acrid embrace. I came to find you and escort you home out of Satan's grasp of defeat."
The broken shards of humanity gathered themselves together and began to follow me, Moses, up from the depth of hell's abyss, but when the way grew difficult and our trials and tribulations multiplied, many fought against me.
They cut off my legs. They cut off my arms.  They blinded me. They wounded me deeply until I faltered before the Lord.  "How", I asked, "can I deliver this people who fight me on a daily basis?"  And the Lord said, "Did I not give you new legs?" "Yes Lord," I said.  "Did I not give you new arms?" "Yes Lord," I said. "Did I not restore your sight?" "Yes Lord," I said.
"Then," said the Lord, "continue the journey up out of the great abyss towards me, and I will be waiting for you when you arrive." 
So I picked myself up from weariness, and gathered the lost souls around me, and continued the journey upwards towards the light of God, from the depths of the great hellish abyss, Satan's infamous abode. 
Not long after that Satan rose from his throne of hell and accosted us on our quest for freedom. He stood before me like a great indescribable dragon, hissing like a snake, breathing fires from his nostrils. I fell on my knees and prayed to God. Immediately, I felt his strength enter me and I withstood Satan's contrived and varied assault, but I just knew this was not the end of it.
It turned out to be only the beginning of my foray into hell's great abyss.
You may wonder how I, Moses, arrived at this notorious destination. Well, let me tell you. I was climbing the mountain of God, as I was wont to do, grasping hold of the rocks to assist me in the climb upward towards God, who was patiently awaiting my arrival, when suddenly all my hand holds disappeared, and the mountains turned, as it were, into smooth glass. 
Consequently, I began to slide down, screaming out loudly to God for help. You might think at this juncture, why would Moses be screaming.  Men don't scream.  But I am not that Moses.  I am another Moses altogether.  A female Moses.  I know.  It's a difficulty, but nevertheless. I am what I am.
To continue, I screamed, but God said not a word. When I finally reached the bottom of the mountain all bruised and ragged, and just as I stood up on my feet, finally I heard the Lord speak. 
He said, "I am sending you on a brief sojourn into the pits of hell."  "Why Lord?  I don't want to go to hell.  I've spent all of my adult life trying desperately to avoid the place," I said.
"Nevertheless, to hell you are going. I have a job for you to do, and I anointed you before I created time to perform my will.  I have many people who are trapped in hell, and I am sending you there to deliver them," said God. 
"My name is not Moses, and besides I'm a woman.  How can you ask such a thing of me?  I don't understand," I said. 
"On the contrary, you will be called Moses, whether female or not, and you will deliver my people from hell according to my word, which was spoken by my prophets before you were conceived in your mother's womb," he said.
Suddenly the earth opened up beneath me, and the sliding continued.  I slide into hell's dark embrace.  There were only minute glimpses of light that helped me to see in the darkness.  As I proceeded through the caverns of hell, because there was nothing else that I could do, and there was only one way to go.  Shortly, I began to hear muted howls and screams of people in great suffering and agony.
Trepidaciously*, I followed the sounds of horror, and began to see faces emerge from the darkness of despair.  I knew then that I was stuck in hell, and I could not leave until I completed the task God laid on my feminine shoulders.
Moses I am then, I said to myself.  A quivering took hold of me then, and I couldn't stop it.  I moved toward in the eeriness.  As I approached, people began to come out of their caverns and stare at me. 
"Who are you?" they asked.  "Apparently, I am Moses sent by God to deliver you out of this great abyss of hell's degradation," I said.  They began to surround me and touch me and proclaim, "But you are not one of us.  The light of God shines on your face.  How did you get here into our darkness?" they asked. "Like I said, God sent me, otherwise I wouldn't be here", I said.
Then the strangest thing occurred.  I began to see people I knew, family members, my own children, and people I'd known decades ago.  I fell to the ground in despair. Even if I thought not to do what God asked of me, how can I not do it now. 
It was then that I realized that God was a superior general.  He knew that when I saw my loved ones dwindling in hell there was no way I'd leave them there.  So I rose from the ground and greeted my family, and all the people that I knew, sighed, and began a torturous 30-year odyssey up from the bowels of hell.
Moses is rising from hell's disgrace.
Moses is rising from the place where bowed down souls hunger in hope for freedom.
Moses is rising from the grasping impotent hands of Satan.
Moses is rising from hell, God's creation for sin's recompense. 
Moses is rising with a forsaken people, a people who had rejected their God and their father.
Moses is rising with the world wrapped around her like a coat.
Moses is rising with diamonds glittering in her hair; the outpouring presence of God. 
Moses is rising with a lasso in her hand dragging Satan by the neck of his arrogance.
Moses is rising amid the hollow screams of a bewildered humanity.
Moses is rising singing songs delivered from the angelic repertoire.
Moses is rising from the solid rock of Satan's hatred, grasping the swords of life and death in her hands; an improbable warrior created by God.
Moses is rising from the defeat of sin's notorious hold on the minds of humanity.
Moses is rising fomenting a worldwide rebellion against the very root of sin. 
Moses is rising sprinkling new hope in the darkness of the minds of a lost humanity, causing them to hear the approaching Holy Spirit of God, who is marching against the army of Satan, unraveling the invisible cobwebs of an evil construction holding the world in immoral stagnation.
Moses is rising from the winter seas of recompense spreading the stars of hope among those spiritually dead saying, "Rise from the dead for surely you have been sleep long enough!"
Moses is rising from the foundation of faith in God, by the will of God; God who loves his people, and offers them an opportunity to repent of their sins and rise from the dead.
In my garbled mental speculations, as I contemplate what lay before me, having not realized from the beginning, how long the journey would take, I recalled incidences about two stories in the bible concerning deliverers; Moses and Jesus.
When things weren't going well with the children of Israel they rebelled against Moses.  They did not make Moses' job easy.  In fact, they made it quite difficult because they confronted suffering, not realizing that a great deliverance requires a great sacrifice. Moses spent 40 years trying to deliver a hard-hearted people who would not believe that God had the power to bring his Word to pass. Consequently, those unbelievers died in the wilderness of their sins.
Jesus, God in the flesh, experienced acute rejection by the religious leaders of Israel who plotted to kill him using Judas, who was close enough to Jesus to betray him with a kiss.  Even Jesus' family members thought he was overreaching himself, when He was indeed the Word of God.  The religious leaders had Jesus arrested, whipped, and crucified.  They killed the God who created them, but three days later, that same God in the flesh was raised from the dead. 
Deliverers always come from the people they are meant to deliver, but God brings them into the world positionally poised to fulfill his will.  Moses was born a slave in Egypt, but through divine intervention, he was raised and formed in the house of Pharaoh.  Jesus was born an Hebrew through the genealogy of Mary his mother, but by the Holy Ghost, he was the Spiritual son of God, positioning him to fulfill his purpose.
God allowed me, the Moses of this generation, to fall into the very depth's of hell in order to deliver his people from Satan's tenacious grasp, but positionally, I was not a partaker of hell's degradation.  God wrapped himself in flesh, became man and called himself Jesus, to deliver man from his sins.  He made me an alien in Hell to deliver his children from hell.  It could not be otherwise.
So here I stand in the midst of hell, darkness all around me, and the people I sacrificed the last 30 years of my life for are trying to daily to kill me. For the past 30 plus years I have lived a celibate existence, the sacrifice God required for deliverance.  What then shall I do?  God gave Moses a wife, but I stand in this battle surrounded by my enemies, alone with God urging me forward, with no human companionship, with no friends, with no love but the love of God succoring me, trying to convey to the underworld of human existence that I am the deliverer sent by God.
Trudging up the craggy side of the mountain leading a dwindling people out of damnation is an arduous journey, but I feel within my spirit that the end of my journey is nigh.  I have been informed by God that if I look back and see no one following me that I am to keep trudging upward.  Either they will enter the Promised Land by faith or they will die in the wilderness of their own creation. Once the walls of hell have crumbled into to dust it will be too late.
I'm on my way back to God.  I'm on my way up from the devastation of hell.  I've been gone from home so long that my brain has turned into popcorn.  My legs tremble when I walk.  My arms are weak from pulling myself up, step by aching step, from the depth of hell. My sight is growing dim, and I cannot see what's before me.  I am walking in a foggy haze, dazed by the length of this journey, and wonder when it will end. 
As I rise from hell, I see the people of God whom they have rejected, still hiding in the caverns of their sins, trapped by defeat and disbelief.  I cannot stop and try to convince them to follow me, but I must continue the journey to reach the God of light.  My flight has been long. The song God has placed in my heart is my saving grace.  I stand on the shores of happenstance, wondering when I get through this journey will romance await me? Will I find true love? Or am I on the other side of love?  When I started my journey from hell my hair was black, but now it's gray.  Time refused to stand still for me. I feel like Odysseus returning home from war, not knowing what he will find, disguised in the tattered rags of hope.
*I made it up.
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