Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium
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There is a crack in the earth separating it from itself. Moving down the middle of the crack is the power of God walking in his authority by his creative forces.
He is aligning the world with himself and all those who fail to repent of their sins will suddenly find themselves falling through the crack within the earth through its core straight into hell's permanent grasp.
What is that noise I hear but the sound of trumpets blaring their warning to the inhabitants of the whole world.  Sudden disaster; changes are about to occur causing the world's populace to tremble and their minds to shatter. 
Nothing will be as it was. 
Everything that is will change. Even the animals covering the face of the earth will change according to the disaster that will befall the entire world. 
Nations will crumble overnight. Cities will rise from the dust.  Children will prophecy the Word of the Lord. 
Babies will refuse to be born in the traumatic atmosphere that is unfolding outside of the womb, preferring to stay put in warmth and safety. 
The hands of evil will be cut off.  The minds of wickedness will gather together to ponder their survival, but even at their meeting places the wrath of God will strangle them out of this life into the next life; one surrounded by the recompense of their unmitigated sins and rebellion against the God who created them.
Canals will be forever closed. Others will open up in their places.  Everyone will be scrambling trying to survive, looking for safety nets where none will be found, looking for a way out of the disaster and finding disaster only multiplied against them.
All hands that seek to save those appointed for destruction by God will be suddenly cut off, as the wrath of God will do it without warning. 
Hear the distant sound of recompense marching towards the center of the cities all over the world, marching in sync with the Word of God. 
Hear the cry, the wailing of women laying prostrate in the streets begging God for their salvation, but he will not hear their cries.
Nations will destroy nations to pilfer their resources to survive the onslaught of recompense, but that nation who would dare will be utterly cut off and tossed, as it were, into the arms of sudden destruction in an attempt to take what was set aside for my people.
O Israel how I have protected you. How I have swaddled you, yet you stray from my words, boldly following in step with strange worlds who know me not. Yet your borders will be safe, your people saved because of my Word to your father's father.
Rivers will be rerouted.  Mountains will crumble into the sea. Birds will refuse to fly. Songs will cease. The doors to the churches will be closed. Avenues and streets will be vacant. People will be hiding in their homes for fear, fear of the hand of sudden devastation unleashed worldwide.
Where is the laughter? Where are the smiling faces of my babies, my unborn children that you have slain? Where are they?
The Angel of Death has been sent to the murderers worldwide. He has a sword in his hand, and he will not stay his hand but upon my word, which he will not hear for months gone by until my anger is avenged and my wrath appeased.
The destiny of a multitude is in my hand that if they obey my Word will survive the desolation, for I will send them to dry desert places and succor them there by my Word.
The shallow waters of blood is rising from the depth of the oceans, up from the earth like a spout, blood flowing in the streets. Whose blood is this the world asks?  It is the blood of all the slain innocents demanding justice and retribution. The wailing ceases not.  The cries go on all through the night until their voices lose their sound, for I no longer have ears to hear them.
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