Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium

The World is Bleeding
July 18, 9:36 p.m.
The fragrance of death is now on the wicked for I have made it so. One by one, a thousand by a thousand shall death claim them. For I have sent a purging spirit upon the earth to the extent that the earth itself is bleeding from its wounds. 

I have prepared the burial places for the wicked and I shall surely fill the grounds with their dead bodies. For they have toiled diligently to bring about the destruction of my anointed ones, therefore I have sent death angels on the face of the whole earth to destroy the wicked and to separate my people from the destruction perpetuated by the wicked upon them.

For am I not a God of war? Am not I a victorious warrior? Who then shall stand before me and live when once I have said, "Die." I am a God of all power. The earth is mine. Everything in it belongs to me, and is under my divine authority. 

If I say, "Earth fall from your foundation," it will fall. If I say, "Earth crumble into ashes," so it will crumble. If I say to the wicked "Die," so will they die. For hell awaits their haughty hearts. 

From this day forward I will begin a strange work on the face of the whole earth. Multitudes will surely perish in mere moments of time, so much so that there will be no burying places, and all the wicked will gather themselves together to wage war on my anointed one, but they will not succeed. For it is at my urging that they will do this thing. For I have surely appointed them for death and destruction. 

Look now to the left and the right. Look now above you and beneath you. For the terror of the wicked will cease. 
All their machinations will come to a swift end. They have sowed the wind and I have sent forth a mighty, mighty, mighty whirlwind to diminish the populations of the world. From the east it will rise up and move westward destroying everything and everyone in its pathway. Babies shall die. Women will perish. Men will pray in vain. For I will not with stay my hand. For I have become a very angry God bent on retribution, bent on destruction.

The hollow hearts of the wicked have echoed in my ears long enough. Their feet has lead them into destruction. Death will not cease his hand until there be no wicked on the face of the whole world. 

For now is the time of the redemption of the church. Now is the time for her to take her rightful place in the earth. She shall surely be blessed. For I am purging her. I am right adjusting her. I am purging her pastors and holding them accountable; either they will obey me or they will not, and if they will not obey me, them will I cut off and replace with someone who will.

Where are my women pastors? Have they not taken a back seat due to the hard heartedness of men who cannot fathom that I will use women for my glory? Have not the prophet spoken in time past to choke not the spirit of the living God? Wherefore have you caused my women pastors to take a seat in the background? For I have anointed them to preach my gospel, and because you have disobeyed me, the churches are out of order, but I will bring them into order by transforming her by my holy will. 

I will cause children to preach my word, both boys and girls.
For I will anoint them to prophecy in my name, and they will prophecy in one hour, and it shall come to pass in the next hour. For I am moving speedily upon the earth.

Know then that judgment has arrived on all the shores of the world simultaneously, and I will direct his feet. I will tell him where to cut down. I will tell him who to destroy. I will tell him who to lift up and who to bring forth from obscurity. 

For I am a God of judgment, and justice will reign in the courts of the land. I will set many men and women free who have been wrongly and deliberately convicted of crimes they did not commit. 

For I am walking into all the secret chambers of men and exposing their deceits and I am overturning their inequitable rule in the lives of all mankind.

I will strip the wicked of their wealth and give it to my people. For they have obtained it illegally. They have made themselves rich by falsehoods, and I will bring them down to the ground and to nothing. Who is that man or woman who will stand before me and say, "No," to my holy will?
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