Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium
The Prophetic Word of God
The Future Revealed
June 26, 2011
4:54 p.m.
1.  God is at war with the world.  His intention is to bring the world  to its knees.
2.  Students attending the University of California will stop going to classes for fear of terrorism.
3.  China falls, not from within, but from without, through a catastrophic natural disaster.
4.  The borders of the United States of America will need to be redrawn because of a massive earthquake.
5.  There will be a massive earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area; the Bay, Richmond, and Golden Gate bridges will be destroyed, and BART will be severely disabled.
6.  Major disasters world wide will multiply in unprecedented ways; floods, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and hurricanes.  Things will begin to occur in nature that have never happened before; inexplicable things, baffling things.
7.  Planes will begin to fall from the sky all over the world, again and again, for no apparent reason.  Nations will think that it is terrorism, but it is not, it will be the hand of God trying to get the attention of all mankind.
8.  Through natural disasters millions will die world wide, so much so that there will be no burying places; bodies will be burned in huge pyres and/or buried in mass graves.
9.  The world en mass will turn against the gay/homosexual world blaming them for all the disasters, and crowds of people will gather around the homosexuals/lesbians and begin to kill them with mob-like mentalities.
10. In trying to appease an angry God, women will stop aborting their babies, but it will not stop the fiery anger of God, who resides in the midst of the storms.
11. Financial structures will begin to collapse world wide, and the thing that leaders feared the most will not occur, because God said this far and no further.  No one will understand why the worst did not occur.  World leaders will be baffled walking around with their mouths gaping open in shock.
12. The true church of God will rise from the ashes, pronouncing to the world that God is all-powerful.  Many millions will enter into the church of God and be saved.
13. This is the hour of separating the wheat from the tares.
14. April 16, 2012, 11:13 p.m. A 13.0 Earthquake will hit California; epicenter Los Angeles. The earthquake, like no other, will last for approximately 35 minutes. California will be no more, and the adjacent states will incur extensive damage. The world will be tilted on its axis. People will scatter in cities world wide in fear and trembling for sporatic earthquakes will move worldwide simultaneously, until people will begin sleeping in the streets for fear of the buildings in which they dwell. This will be the beginning of God's recompense for sin. Let the nations take note that the angry blast from the nostrils of God will destroy many; not one corner of the world will be untouched by his anger. For he will surely rise from his throne and walk the earth and everywhere will be felt the aftermath of his holy presence. He will be in the midst of the storms. He will be in the midst of the earthquakes. He will be in the midst of the fires. He will be in the midst of the oceans around the world. He will overturn the evil ways of men. He will turn the world upside down to the extent that nothing will be as it once was. Beware of the hidden things, the secrets men hide, for surely all secrets will be revealed by the Revealer of Secrets, the Lord God Almighty. The red roses will die a few days from now.
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