Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium
The Breath of His Majesty

Hindrances:  Anything and anyone that stands between you and your relationship with God is to be rendered to obscurity with due speed.  Sometimes it takes a minute to recognize a hindrance to fulfilling your purpose in life because Satan cloaks them within the face of a "friend", or close family member, or within the construct of your own wayward desires. 
The seeds of hindrances, once planted in your mind, can only grow if you water them by giving them undue attention, by dwelling on the well-hidden aspects of the fermenting destruction of your dreams.
Despair:  After experiencing a devastating event in your life its easy to give in to despair, but keep focused on your dreams, and walk forward wounded.  This builds strength of character and you will find through activity the pain lessens.  Despair is a little gift of evil sent to shake your Christian foundation, but as soldiers in an all out war, we must battle the enemy of love with every fiber of our being.  We win the battle by constantly overcoming our pain and suffering.  Eventually, you will get to the place where you see the weapons of evil coming at you afar off, and like a seasoned warrior, you have learned to sidestep the arrows of devastation with finesse.  
Procrastination:  Keep putting off doing what you know God has called you to do, and one day you will wake up, and your hair will be gray, and your physical strength almost depleted.
It is a certainty that if you don't go forward, backward is the only way left for you to go.  Backward is away from God's will for your life.  It is up to you to explore your inner being to discover what precious gifts from God lay with you. 
If you please God in your walk with him, you can ask Him and He will give you gifts, only what he gives you will far exceed your imagination. 
He simply enhances your request with His infinite creativity, and gives you the breath of His majesty, thereby granting you a brief glimpse into His heavenly domain, and His unlimited understanding of what will be perfect just for you.
Discouragement:  Trying, and trying ,and trying to get your head above water with the dead weight of past failures weighing you down gets to be a weary enterprise, and discouragement sets in, and you just simply want to give up and toss your dreams in the dream fireplace of faithlessness, and let them burn away. 
But dreams are linked to purpose, consequently without dreams, which are an echo of our purpose, we stumble into inconsequentiality.   We, instead, want to embrace our dreams, holding them close to our hearts, because there is a perfect time set in eternity for divine dreams to come true.
Abraham dreamed about his son Isaac, and waited 25 years for his entrance into finite time.  You must realize that a divine dream from God is no light thing.  It's more comprehensive than you can possibly imagine, and you won't realize it until you begin to walk in your dream.  It will wow you!  God's Word will not fail, know that it will come, and wait for it.
Unforgiveness:  Forgiving someone who hurt you is a difficult thing to do, particularly if the hurt cut to the bone.  You simply want to never see the person who inflicted the pain.  But that kernel of unforgiveness in your heart is really hurting you.  It's like a festering wound, and you have to get rid of it by forgiving the person. 
That does not mean that you allow them to enter into the inner circle of you life again, but keep them at arms length because you know full well what they are capable of, and you also know that you can easily live without them in your life, and more than likely they have come to realize that as well. 
Isolation:  One of Satan's weapons is to try and isolate you from loved ones, friends, and people in general, in an effort to force you into a place of loneliness, and hoping if he can keep you in that place long enough, you will eventually accept sinful companionship rather that be alone. 
At times like these one must turn into the arms of God and allow Him to be your everything.  He is fully capable of filling you with His Holy Spirit to the extent that your spiritual house is so full of Him that you have no hollow, echoing spaces within you.  It is a sigh of relief to know that you are not dependent on humanity to meet your needs, but fully dependent on God.
There is a sleeper weapon in Satan's arsenal.Irregular Sleep Habits:  Sleep deprivation or sleeping too much is a sleeper weapon in Satan's arsenal that many Christians are not aware of, because it would never occur to them that Satan tries to wrestle their peaceful sleep away. 
The more you pray and stay in the spirit of the Lord you will find those strongholds broken.  You have to make an effort by disciplining yourself to get enough hours of sleep every night.  When you see circumstances evolving that will rob you of your sleep, try to avoid it.
I have also discovered that sleeping too much is just as bad, and borders on depression, and you don't want to allow the spirit of depression to take root in your soul.  Sometimes you just force yourself into a happy mood, by doing things that make you happy, getting up in the morning with a purpose and a plan for your day.
We tend to forget about the simple things in life that brings us joy, because we get so caught up in our struggles, that we fail to take time out for pure enjoyment, the little things that make us smile.
Fear:  Fear is a destabilizing element prophesying your eminent destruction should you allow its tendrils to find a permanent home in your heart.  
Remember the Israelites, fear of the giant Anakims in the land of Canaan, the Promised Land, essentially destroyed a whole generation of people.  When God led them forward they pulled backwards against Him because of fear.
Fear, the lack of faith in God, seeks to rob you of God's promises for your life.  God requires us to have faith in his ability to perform His Word.  Without faith, death awaits you with faux loving arms outstretched to snare you in the webs of indecision.  Either God is God or He isn't.
You either believe in Him or you don't.  Fear is simply the manifestation of unbelief in the power and authority of God.  If you have faith, go forth into the unknown knowing that God will be with you every step of the way.
Abraham left his home to follow God not knowing where he was going, yet God did not fail Abraham.  The seed of Abraham did inherit the Promised Land according to the word of the Lord.  This is what every Christian seeks, that place of rest that God has designed especially for us, but faith is the pathway upon which you must walk to step into your destiny, your miracle.
Friendly Fire:  What do you do when the person closest to you cuts your heart out and eats it? 
The tendency to lean towards suicide is ever present, but ignore it, because further down the road in your life, joy and laughter will come again, and then you will say to yourself, "What if I had died back then, I would have missed all of this goodness that I am now enjoying." 
The friendly fire came because you ignored all the warning signs that God gave you, before you stumbled into a relationship concocted by Satan, specifically to destroy you. 
Now, when you look back at the beginning, you realize exactly what signs you walked past, refusing to make the right turn away from the potholes of pain that awaited you.
Through it all, no doubt, you have learned quite a bit.  Now, it probably only takes you 5 seconds to see a pain pothole a mile off.
God has the power to give back everything that you lost.Financial Hardship:  Everything that you lose God has the power to give it back to you.  You can waste time crying about it, but it's better to come up with alternate plans of survival, and making difficult decisions.  It feels like the present crisis will last forever, but before you know it, day by day, with discipline and effort your financial situation will be transformed by the power of God's loving embrace. 
Financial hardships come to teach us something.  Everyone's lesson can be quite different, but nevertheless, after the class is over and you are on the other side of the midnight of your stress and worry, the blessings of God await you.
Undisciplined Behavior:  Every decision that you make determines the kind of future you will have, either peace or chaos.  If you give in to negative desires, you will reap the consequences in ways that you cannot yet imagine.  
We have the Word of God to help guide us around the pitfalls in life, and to protect us.  If we, in rebellion, ignore the Word of God, our foundations, both spiritually and naturally, will surely begin to crumble. 
If you haven't yet discovered how to discipline your spending habits, and curb the insatiable desire for irrelevant things, there again, your house will slowly decay and fall down to the ground, and all you will hear then is Satan's silent, mocking laughter.
Never fail to treat the blessings of God with respect, and never take them for granted, because the moment you do, He has already taken them away.
Falling Down:  When you fall down, repent immediately, obtain God's forgiveness, and get right back up.  If you don't the wicked ones who have rejected the love of God, will systematically surround you, and begin to spiritually devour you and destroy the essential ingredients of your uniqueness, causing you to become another defunct entity wandering down the hallways of shame, towards eternal damnation.
Once sin takes root in your being God's spirit in you will immediately begin to dissipate, as it were, because His holy presence will not dwell in a tabernacle with sin as its foundation.
Once God's spirit within you makes a complete exit,you will fall into the subtle arms of delusion because your thinking will become warped, as the lines between what's right and what's wrong began to blur, because your spiritual perspectives have now been compromised.
Even though you know what the Word of God says, you will begin to lie to yourself, because the flesh is a voracious beast that desires to be fed at all cost.  Instead of you controlling your flesh through the Holy Spirit, the desires of your flesh are now controlling you because the Holy spirit has been evicted from His temple within you.
Find the oil of peace through prayer.Inadequate Prayer Life:  In the presence of the Lord we find equilibrium for our souls.  In the presence of the Lord we find the right adjustment locater for our spirit.  In the presence of the Lord we find the oil of peace to baptize our scattered and tattered minds with, and bring forth the resources needed to regather our isness in the framework of God's imparted wholeness. 
The more trials and tribulations you have should equate with more time in the presence of the Lord.  Through the Holy Spirit we engage the strength and power of God on our behalf.  He then goes before us into every situation that we face to bring about change within us and specifically within that stressful situation.
To be in the presence of the Lord is at all times a wonderful experience.  Think about it, the ability to feel the awesome presence of God; the holy pureness of his love surrounding you, imparting in you the essence of His power, giving you more of Himself so that you can endure your trials without stumbling into the ever present traps of evil.
Disabled Loved Ones:  Your time and energy is valuable, and when spread too thin it can have a devastating impact on your health and mentality.  You have to know your limitations and seek help in crisis situations. 
To be able give to loved ones is a blessing, but to over extend yourself will eventually put you in a place where you are no good to them or yourself.  It is very difficult because you want to be there for them, but even a doctor can't assist his patients if he's sick himself. 
The best thing you can do is to take very good care of yourself so that you are in the position to care for others, even if it is on a limited basis.
Inability to Say No:  Satan loves these kind of Christians because they think that as a Christian they have to be loving and giving all the time, which often renders you with the inability to say no.
The inability to say no has its roots in low self-esteem and the desire to be a people pleaser, without giving a thought to what makes you happy.  Your wishes are secondary because you have not learned to value yourself. 
The more time you spend with God, the more your self-esteem will grow, because He constantly mirrors back to you who you really are in His eyes.  You are worthy of love and respect.
Transition is on the way.Hostile Work Environment:  Why, you may wonder, has God placed you in such a hostile place.  It is because he wants you to grow in the spirit to become a mature Christian who He can use for a mighty work.
So don't hate the people you work with, or hate the job that God has blessed you with, but be thankful because it is for your good that you are there.  When you have learned all that God has to teach you, He will transition you into the next phase of your life. 

It was never meant to be permanent, but a temporary teaching mechanism challenging your strength and endurance capabilities, because where God is taking you, higher, you will need to enter into a new field of challenge prepared to do spiritual warfare by the new fires of previous adversity inflicted by the hands of Satan's eternally lost disciples.
Leech-like Mentalities:  Before a warrior enters the battle field he must endure intensive training.  He is exposed to severe challenges to hone his abilities.  After he is trained he then goes to battle fully armed to defeat all foes. 
Those who have lost their God-given destinies through sin have been transformed into ravenous takers.  They attach themselves to you in order to drain away your strength, hope, faith, and love, which will make you easy prey to the devastation of hell's cruel embrace.
Leech-like mentality minded people are your greatest teachers.  So don't nurture a negative attitude towards them, because they are the catalyst that is going to launch you into the arena of your dreams, mere stepping stones to your divine purpose.
Anger:  To be angry at your enemies will only harm you.  You should be feeling love for them, because in their present state of rebellion against the God who created them, they are lost to eternity in the presence of God. 
Therefore, you should polish your lighthouse off and be an example of God's infinite love.  Anger renders you an ineffective Christian because it clouds your spiritual vision and hinders your growth in the Lord.  Let it go, or it will lay the foundation of your destruction.
Self-righteousness:  Just because God saved you and filled you with His Holy Spirit, it makes you no better than anyone else.  Without His grace you would be wallowing in unrepented sin as well.  Be thankful then that He has chosen you for his glory, not to turn your nose up at the sinner, because tomorrow that sinner, who you once were, could end up being the pastor of the church you attend.
Recall to mind Mark 10:31, But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.
Devastating Truths:  Some truths can knock the wind out of your sails rather suddenly, and leave you adrift on what you thought was a sure foundation, floating in the shark infested waters of illusion, silently screaming in pain with no one but God to hear.
Are you wondering where to go, what to do, and who to talk to when you find yourself trapped in a steel prison with no windows?  Finally, when you fall down on your knees and cry out loud to God in your misery, suddenly your can feel the breath of His Holy Spirit washing over you.
When you look up from your despair you see a small window there to greet you.  At last you see your way out of hell, and past all the lies you told yourself that landed you there in the first place. 
From then on out you realize that God is your best friend, that He has your best interest at heart, that His will for your life should supersede everything else, that in the final analysis, He is Lord of all.
Maintain a healthy diet.Deficient Health Habits: 
 If after Satan has aimed his entire arsenal in your direction, and you are still standing, and still resting in the will of God, he will then attempt to use your own mouth to destroy you.
It may take awhile, but workers of iniquity are a patient lot.  If you keep eating without discipline and failing to exercise your body, you will die sooner that expected. 
Exercise your body.What Satan wants is to weaken you physically, and make you sick, thereby easy prey, especially if you begin to blame God for all your troubles, and allow the roots of bitterness grow in spite of the fact that you did it to yourself, so you cannot lay the blame on anyone's doorstep but your own.
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