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Satan's bride are those who have rejected God.
Whither shall I go from thy spirit?  Or whither shall I flee from thy presence? 
If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. 
If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.  
If I say, surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me. 
Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.
Psalm 139:7-12
Satan's Bride, Part I
Who is Satan's bride?  What is her name?  Her name is faithless and hopeless.  Satan's bride are those who have rejected God and chose for themselves another father, the father of a lie, a.k.a., Satan, the fallen archangel who aspired to be God; who thought to overthrow the Kingdom of God. 
Satan was cast out of heaven in utter defeat.And instead was cast out of heaven in utter defeat. 
That is Satan's legacy; utter defeat.
How do you nullify marriage to Satan?And he will pass it on to all his disciples, to his captured bride who resides in the realm of lost souls clamoring to be heard from the pit of hell's grasp, seeking for away to nullify their marriage, but Satan tenaciously holds on to the withered souls of rebellion, adamantly refusing to let them go. 
Hell approaches on swift wings of fire.For they are his feast of souls, the tattered flag of a fallen fool, gently waving from a bent pole, dangling over the imminent fires of the the approaching echo of hell. 
What do you do when you find yourself in hell's grasp?Satan's bride was wandering down by the isle of sin, and haphazardly stepped into a world of madness; a secret world within a world permeated by evil.  
Why did I walk down the aisle of sin she asks herself?  I did not know what awaited me at the end.  Satan stood their looking like my prince charming, so suave, so debonair, offering me everything that I desired, but lo and behold things grew cold very fast. 
Reality set in and everything that I believed became a lie.  Just happenstance, a wrong turn, she no doubt tells herself.  There must be a way to separate me from Satan's cold embrace.  I am strangling, and drowning in my own created web of destruction; decisions I made long ago led me to this fiasco I call my life.  I have become food trapped in a spider's web, left to tremble at my approaching demise.
My feet are stuck in cement.  My soul is lost amid the folds of a reprobate mind, and I cannot find my way out of this maze, this surrounding haze, capturing the best of me, and turning me inside out and upside down.  I have become a stranger to myself.  I have longed to meet the true me, but here I dwell in hell, locked in by the ever present walls of fear.
Satan will rob you of everything good if you let him.All things that were dear to me Satan has destroyed.  All the things that reminded me of the life I had before I fell into this world of raging sin, Satan has set on fire, and burned to ashes right before my very eyes.  All I have left are ashes upon ashes falling through my fingers.  Leftover dust of the remnant of a life I tossed so carelessly away as though is was of very little significance. 
Jesus will always hear your cry, even from hell.What's a bride to do when she discovers she's trapped in a loveless marriage?  Where can she go?  Who can she turn to?  Who will hear her cry; a plea from the isle of her clinging despair?  
God loves you with an everlasting love.Turning deeply within herself she remembers life before hell's slithery embrace, she remembers that she knew the Lord.  She knew His lovingkindess. She remembers His loving arms of salvation embracing her with a powerful, undeniable love.  
A true love that gave her self-esteem instead of robbing her of every single humane quality she possessed, by baptizing her essence in the septic pools of debauchery. 
Jesus was her line of defense against the evil that presented itself to her on a daily basis, trying to rob her of that which is good, only to replace it with that which is wicked and should be outlawed. 
Even if you made a wrong turn God can make it right again.But somewhere along the way on her journey towards the eternal Kingdom of God, she took a wrong turn down the road, turning off the right path that was ordained by God, and ended up cloistered in menagerie of fools. 
It doesn't matter how many locks are on your prison cell God can set your free!If I call on Him will He hear me?  If I repent of my sins, will He break me free from this insanity.  If I pray until the break of dawn, will He come for me and unlock the doors of my prison cell. 
Oh how I loved Him once.  Oh how I adored Him once. I wonder in my little mind if He would care enough to come and find me in the darkness of my despair, over there in the dark caverns of my own secluded hell.
How can I tell the story of my fall from grace?  My face is a reflection of a tortured, twisted tale and all the secrets I beheld from the fallen ashes of my soul. 
Nothing will ever be worth the loss of your eternal soul.Lies upon lies, like a whirlpool of endlessness, traveling down into the great abyss all for a few stolen moments of illicit bliss.
Make a u-turn and come back to God.Satan's unhappy bride am I.  Looking down at my feet and cursing them for taking me to the greatest disaster of all time; reclined uneasily in the arms of damnation. 
What stories will I tell my children about my history.  I can already hear a lie unfolding covering up my desperate shame, not about how I lost my soul in the game of life to Satan, the deceiver of men, the hidden cloak of evil saturating the whole world sinful degree by sinful degree.
For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).
Satan's Bride, The Story, Part II
Here comes the bride walking down the isle towards her groom, the stunningly handsome Satan, the Lord of Evil.  Although she seems hesitant and stumbles a bit, she proceeds down the isle towards her magnetic groom.  She is lovely, exquisitely beautiful, but she does not seem to be aware of her unique qualities for she does not walk with confidence nor allure, yet she proceeds down the long isle towards her adoring groom.  As she spies him standing there waiting for her and she notices for the hundredth time how attractive he is, her misgivings seem to melt with every step that draws her closer to Satan, the fallen archangel, the rejected son of God.
She draws up to his side alone as she had no one to give her away.  The church is full of guests, but they are all associates of Satan, his disciples, who are whispering praises to her beauty and gentle words of encouragement as she proceeds down the isle for her union with Satan, the father of lies.  When she informed her family members who she was going to marry, they all with one united voice tried to dissuade her.  They laid out for her Satan's faults one by one, but she told them that she was in love, and the love she had for him would make any faults he had diminish in significance. 
So here she stands next to her groom, perfect in his beauty, perfect in his mannerisms, perfect in his adoring praise of her, which was reflected in his eyes; they sparkled when he looked at her.  She saw the sparkle in his eyes and blushed because past experience had revealed to her that he desired her.  He'd told her repeatedly how much he loved her, that he would take care of her, that she could depend on him, that he would never leave her for another, that their marriage would last for all eternity. 
And she, in her naivety, believed every word Satan uttered to her for he had spent years upon years wooing her, courting her, trying to get her to accept his hand in marriage.  He'd told her their marriage would be based on love and mutual respect.  Finally, she accepted his proposal and they became engaged.  The engagement was brief as Satan had informed her that he had business affairs to attend to as he was an extremely wealthy Lord.  His wealth was apparent in the bride gift that she was beautifully adorned in; a diamond necklace, matching teardrop earrings, and a diamond bracelet, not to mention the knuckle size engagement ring that she wore that was patiently awaiting its matching wedding band. 
Alone, but surrounded by the unwavering support of her groom's associates, both men and women from all walks of life, for she had met many of them in the short time during there betrothal dinner.  There were doctors, judges, lawyers, senators, CEO's of major corporations, a whole host of prominent Americans attending her wedding. 
Her heart was amiss though because her family had abandoned her when she most needed their love and support.  But it didn't matter now because she saw her future laid out before her, one of living in luxury and decadence, and the love and admiration of a wonderful man who treated her like a queen.  She could ask for nothing more.  When she arrived at his side he took her by the arm and gently pulled her closer to him during the marriage ceremony because it gave him pleasure to do so, but she noticed something strange.
It seemed that when she glanced at her beloved one moment he was as she knew him to be, devastatingly attractive in every conceivable way.  The pure maleness of his exquisite essence drew her to him in ways she couldn't not comprehend.  The next moment it would appear she glimpsed very briefly, so brief in fact that she wasn't sure she'd seen what she'd seen.  There was something frightening about him in the flash of a moment, a half second of time. 
Her knees began to quiver beneath her white lace-trimmed wedding dress that Satan had made especially for her.  It showed off all her assets to reveal a stunningly beautiful bride, one that any man would be proud to call his own.  This frightening aspect of the groom seemed to vanish.  He smiled the most charming smile at her causing the reasoning elements in her mind to cease functioning, leaving her to dwell on what she felt in her heart, and saw standing before her, there with the sunlight filtering through the stained glass windows casting her groom in a golden light that enhanced his male beauty even more, if that were possible.
The pastor, who was one of his closest friends, finished with the ceremony.  They both said their I do's and now they were leaving the church amid chatter and congratulations, arm in arm arriving outside as multi-colored rose petals were thrown over their heads.  They both got into Satan's Rolls Royce and proceeded to the wedding reception.  Along the way Satan sensing her bedevilment tried to reassure her, and let her know that she had made the right decision to marry him, and that she had made him the happiest of men.
She smiled happily at her loving husband and upon their arrival at the large exquisitely decorated ballroom the musicians were tuning their instruments, guests began to arrive, champagne flowed like water, and food had been flown in from all over the world.  Everything was perfect and the bride reveled in the light of love.  One thing led to another as the wedding celebration proceeded, toasts to the bride and groom, and on and on the wedding reception continued.
And then it was time for the bride and groom to dance their first dance.  Satan rose and held out his hand so gentlemanly.  She smiled and took his hand rising from her seat, and they proceeded to the dance floor, the center of attention.  The musicians played a waltz as requested earlier by Satan.  The new couple began to dance around the ballroom amid the admiration of all the guests. 
Suddenly, what the bride thought she saw earlier in the groom's face leaped to the surface.  The new bride stared at her husband, the horror, and tried to break his hold on her for his arms had become like solid rock embracing her and she could not get free.  The waltz continued, around and around the ballroom they danced faster and faster amid the laughter of Satan's associates.  Now she looked at all of them as they twirled around and around and what she saw left her breathless, and fearful. 
She was trapped in the arms of what now appeared to be some sort of human monster ,and all his friends had the same ghastly look adorning their faces.  She broke out into a cold sweat and her knees locked on her and she could no longer follow Satan's steps, but Satan didn't seem to notice that his bride was unable to move freely for she was in the deepest of shock; Satan just proceeded to hold her up in his arms and drag her around the floor shaking her until she came to herself. 
At which point she noticed that her wedding dress had grown dingy, faded and yellowish, tattered and torn in places, dirty lace dragging on the floor as they paraded around the ballroom to a seemingly unending waltz.  Having found her voice she asked her husband, "What is this waltz that never seems to end?"  Satan said, "Why my darling dear it is the waltz called Spiritual Death!"
Now all the faithless and hopeless bride can hear are the words her family kept telling her over and over again.  Like an echo that resounded again and again in her mind, but it was too late, the deed was done.  She was bound to Satan, the Lord of Evil. Now there was nowhere she could go, no one she could turn to. 
Who then is Satan's bride?  She is the army of people who have lost their faith and hope in God without which a small gap is formed in their souls and in this small gap Satan wedges a place for himself to dwell permanently.  As time passes that gap gets larger and larger as Satan takes over the mind, body, soul, and spirit of the individuals. 
Having stumbled into hell they find themselves trapped by the bold, strong hold that evil has upon them, and with the passage of time Satan's hold gets mightier and seems unbreakable.  He holds onto his bride tenaciously, punishing her, refusing to let her go.  He has taken her for himself.  He patiently encircled her in a web of wickedness and evil for years until he trapped her in the hell of his creation.
Desires unrestrained, warped mentalities, drowning in the sin of rebellion against God.  Satan with finesse transforms himself into whatever his victims desires.  He becomes that thing or person to lure them into wrongheadedness, thus trapping their souls in a vice-like grip not easily broken.
Fear is the tangible weapon he uses, fear of suffering, and Satan wields the weapon of fear like a master for he knows all the weaknesses of his targeted, hapless, wandering victims who wallowed in sin a moment too long, and discovered themselves lured on Satan's hook by a shinny thing.  A thing that looked attractive as they were swimming by, and they took the bait, snaring their eternal souls.
Satan's bride is foolish indeed because she wanted to believe the lie when her spirit, her conscience, her mind, and her relatives told her the truth.  So what we have is a lie juxtaposed against the truth.  The flesh wants to believe the lie, but the spirit leans towards the truth.  It's much easier to give in to the lie than to fight against the flesh until it is dead, and under submission to the spirit.  That takes continued effort and hard work.
Consequently, it's easier to give in to the desires of the flesh and go to hell than to it is to rise above the flesh and enter into heaven, the embrace of God's everlasting love.  Satan's bride is living in the darkness when she could have easily chosen the light, fought against the easy decision to stumble into hell's embrace, and instead walk through solid rock by faith and hope in God's all powerful isness.
Satan's bride no doubt lives with regret as she peers into the depth of her husband's eyes everyday, knowing that he has destroyed who she was created to be, that she is broken into a million little pieces, left to stumble through life like a wounded, haunted soul without the love of God to sustain and encourage her.  What then can Satan's bride do now?
Satan's Bride, The Story, Part III
After reaching the end of her rope Satan's Bride goes to him and said, "Satan, I want a divorce!  Satan laughs loud and long as she stands there before him peeved in her spirit." 
"A divorce, woman who do you think I am.  You must have misplaced your common sense.  Allow me to refresh your memory my dear.  I am the Lord of Evil.  Do you know what that means?" said Satan.
"I don't care what it means.  I'm tired of being at your beck and call day in and day out.  I'm tired of being your little toy whenever you decide you want somebody to play with," said the Bride of Satan.
"On what grounds do you think you can just divorce me and just walk away?  The clothes on your back came from me.  All the expensive jewelry you wear, I bought it.  The very roof over your head, I paid for it.  the food you eat came from me.  Where do you think you are going?  Your family turned against you because you married me!  If you think they'll take you in, think again.  I'll destroy them first before I let you go back to them.  So twiddle yourself back where you came from, sit down, and rethink your position and leave me alone in peace," said Satan
"You're not the man I thought you were.  You are verbally, physically, emotionally and sexually abusive, and I'm not going to endure it another moment.  Not only that, but you are a liar.  You told me that you loved me.  But the way you treat me does not even remotely resemble love.  I've been loved, so I know what love is, and this farce of a marriage is not love.  It is a travesty and I want and demand my freedom.  You think I'm afraid of you, but I'm not, not anymore.  You had me shivering in my boots but those days are gone.  My eyes have been opened.  I can't believe I thought you attractive, that I let you lure me into stupidity.  I thank God that we had no children," said the Bride of Satan.
"How dare you bring Him into this.  You neither know God or serve Him, why would you even mention His name?" said Satan. 
"That's where you are wrong.  I do know God and once upon a time I served Him, but I got distracted by you, The Lord of Evil.  And I know enough about Him to know that He will forgive me for turning my back on Him and receive me back into His Holy presence," said the Bride of Satan.
"You know nothing if you think I'll let you go, not without paying a high price", said Satan.
"What do you mean?  I'm going to divorce you for adultery.  You think I haven't noticed all the men and women lounging around all the time?  You think I don't know what goes on her when I'm not home, even sometimes when I am home?  I'm not blind nor stupid.  You will let me go,"  said the Bride of Satan. 
"Go and leave everything that I paid for behind.  Go and find those old clothes you came to me with and take those rags with you," Satan yells. 
The Bride of Satan takes off running through the mansion, flinging her expensive jewels on the floor, as she makes her escape to her room to rummage in her closet for her old clothes.  She changes from her new dress into an old worn dress.  She slips off her new shoes, puts on her old shoes, and packs the rest of her belongings in the luggage she brought with her.  She takes her old worn Bible and puts it into her old purse, and goes down the winding staircase with all the house guests and servants looking on, having overheard the argument between her and Satan. 
It was raining outside, but she didn't care.  She grabbed her coat and hat out of the closet, opened the front door and walked out into the cold October rain.  She wasn't penniless.  She had a few hundred dollars of her own, still she had nowhere to go.  She stopped at a pay phone after walking downhill to reach a main street, having left her car in the garage.  She pulled a few coins out of her wallet and called her Father.  The one who told her that Satan projected the facade of perfection, but underneath he was a dead man inside who wore a mask of beauty to entice naive girls like her. While the Bride of Satan was waiting for her father to pick her up she began to pray. 
"Father, I have lost my faith and hope.  Help me Father to find faith and hope once again.  I know I have sinned against you Holy Father, but I'm asking you to forgive me for my sins, and to receive me back into your holy embrace.  Father, I know that I have traveled a long way from you, but I have turned around, and I am ready to face the consequences of my bad decisions.  I am ready to humble myself before you.  My soul is bowed down low to the ground.  I cannot look at myself in the mirror without feeling pain in my heart, as the reflection of myself stares back at me, and I do not recognize myself.  I don't know who I am anymore.  I've moved so far away from who you created me to be that I find myself crying tears down within the soul of me.  I find myself locked behind the prison walls of doubt and despair.  I don't know if I can live up to your expectations of me, and I despair that I am not strong enough to fight the fight of faith, and become strong enough to break the chains of my past from off me."
God speaks and says, "My daughter, I reclaim my right to be your Father because you have humbled yourself before me.  I will give you the strength you need to make new pathways in your life and equip you to fulfill your destiny."
A car pulls up and her father gets out and embraces her and says, "Linda my darling girl.  I'm so glad you finally saw who it is you were married to, come lets go home!"
Satan's friends and associates are sitting around talking after the big fight.
"I can't believe he just let her go," said one. 
"He couldn't do anything about it because she no longer feared him," said Demon.
"Yeah, it sounded like to me that she was ready to accept whatever the consequences were," says another.
"Who would have thought that she would be the one to escape the Lord of Evil's stone grasp" said Demon?
The End
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