Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium
The Christian Journey
The Faith Challenge
The Christian’s foundation of spiritual construction begins with 13 questions:
1.      Where are you?
2.      Where are you going?
3.      How do you plan to get there?
4.      What challenges do you face?
5.      What are your stumbling blocks?
6.      What sacrifices have you made towards your goal?
7.      Do you know who or what has sabotaged your dreams?
8.      How much time do you spend in the presence of the Lord?
9.      What do you do to refresh your spirit and encourage your heart?
10.  What are your gifts and talents, and what is your proliferation plan?
11.  What discipline construct do you employ to build your Christian foundation?
12.  Are you aware that you can obtain divine health;  a constant state of healing?
13.  Do you know your divine purpose; why God created you a unique individual?
The Christian journey is the most difficult journey anyone can aspire to take.  The difficulty rest in the fact that you can’t simply go from A to Z, straight forward, because there are always obstacles in the way.  Obstacles can consist of almost anything.  As you begin to build your spiritual house, gathering everything you think you need to finish the task, you will run across defective materials that have, unbeknownst to you, become part of your house. 
As you pray and develop your relationship with God, He will inevitably point out to you the weaknesses in your spiritual construction.  Often times this is an extremely painful experience because you thought you had it right.  Now deconstruction must began because God has revealed to you the nefarious plots attacking your dreams, with only one purpose in mind, and that is to destroy your spiritual construction through Satan’s considerable arsenal: 
Hindrances, despair, procrastination, discouragement, bereavement, unforgiveness, isolation, fear, friendly fire, financial hardship, loss, undisciplined behavior, falling down, unrepentance, inadequate prayer life, materialism, friendlessness, disabled loved ones who require your time and attention, inability to say no, working in a hostile environment, leech-like mentalities, anger, self-righteousness, faithlessness, devastating truths, and deficient health habits to name a few.
What you can and must do is go on the offensive by attacking all the weapons that Satan tosses your way, one by one, until the materials of your spiritual construction are of the highest quality, and the building can then go forth.  Each time God shows you a weakness in your spiritual building, dismantle that area of the construction, collect new materials and began all over again.
Just when you think you’ve gotten it right and you began to relax, God points out something else that’s wrong with your spiritual construct.  This is often times wearisome.  But the way to overcome your weariness is by allowing yourself to be perpetually baptized in the Holy Spirit to refresh your soul, and continue towards the completion of the work that was birthed from eternity specifically for you; the miracle of you unfolding into the world as a bright beacon and guide to those who do not yet know the God of your salvation
As you continue to destroy Satan’s weapons against your divine purpose in life, always listen to God’s guiding song in the quietness of your soul, and you can do nothing but become the unique jewel that God has created you to be for His glory.
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