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The Evil Unraveling
September 6, 2012
8:46 a.m.
The evil strings wrapped around the world are unraveling. God's Holy Spirit is hovering above the earth of his creation bringing the whole world into judgment, every corner, every crevice.

Not one part of the world will be untouched by his divine power and recompense. Prophecies will come forth in the most unlikely places; football games, anywhere where huge numbers of people are gathered.

Suddenly, there will be a hush and people will wonder silently what's going on. 

Nothing will be able to proceed unto the Word of the Lord comes forth from his prophet, who will declare coming events, horrific events upon the world after which the people present will be commanded to praise the Lord God, which they will immediately began to do. 

For the presence of the Lord will be so powerful that fear will be marching up and down in the hearts of the people, and during the outbreak of praise many multitudes will be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues.

A preacher will come to the loud speaker and declare the Word of the Lord. Church will occur instead of the games. Miraculous healing will take place.
Tragedies will began to occur worldwide so much so that the world will call an assembly of nations to repentance and prayer, and many nations will attend, sending their representatives, but those nations who fail to attend will be utterly destroyed. Nothing shall remain of them for their arrogance and for their disobedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. 

God is hunting evil and uprooting it. God is preparing a people to receive the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes again. 

The end of the world is nigh. The gates of hell are creaking open to receive the rebellious children of God. The hovering spirit of the Almighty is declaring war against the world of evil within the world of his creation; the world of evil, like spider webs spreading unchecked over the face of the whole earth.

God has lit a ferocious fire to burn down the evil empires foisted upon the world via sinful unrepentant men and women whose end will come suddenly. 

The homosexual spirit will come under attack and be destroyed by the power of God. For many will suddenly perish from off the face of the whole earth. Every wicked thing will be brought to the light of day, judged and dispatched into nonexistence.
Children will be born filled with the Holy Ghost, both prophets and preachers, both boys and girls. For God will use the children to speak his Word because the previous generation of his disobedient children would not.

The day of reckoning has arrived. Nations who know not God will bow the knee to him and declare their nations to be Christian nations because God will save and deliver the leaders. 

Prophecies will come forth in the Senate and House of Representatives of the USA. Praise will go forth and many will be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.

Prophecies will arise during government assemblies worldwide. One prophet, a female, will be beheaded immediately, in Africa, for speaking the Word of the Lord, but immediately following her death all the leaders of that government will fall down dead where they stand. Fear will grip the nation. Holy Ghost filled leaders will take their place and turn the nation towards God.
Repentance for sins will occur and many multitudes will be filled with the Holy Ghost immediately, simultaneously. 

The world is teetering and on the verge of annihilation by an angry God whose Spirit is marching back and forth throughout the world seeking those who love him and separating his people from the wicked and proceeding forth to destroy the wicked wheresoever he finds them; lurking in the crevices by the multitudes, beneath the rocks of their offenses.

Commandments will go forth to the cities all over the world from God to make immediate corrections to their organization and distribution of its resources. Governments' foundations will crumble because of the evil found therein, and God will judge the governments and bring about right adjustments that if a nation yield to the Holy Spirit it will survive, but if it disobeys the Word of the Lord, God will utterly uproot that government and replace it with another.

The young will rule nations. Diversity will be the order of the day. Right order will reign on the face of the whole earth,and any little thing contrary to the will and Word of God will be turned into ashes before the eyes of the whole world!
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