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In Between
Wait on the Lord, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it. (Psalm 37:34) 
If in the midst of the battle, when the fires of hell are raging all around you, and you've grown comfortable as a well trained spiritual warrior of God, to the extent that you are fighting the battle put before you on a daily basis, so much so, that it has become second nature, because your spiritual weapons are honed to such a fine degree, that you are not really aware that your swords are drawn and that you are indeed fighting for your life, and because you are a multifaceted individual, in the heat of the battle your mind is occupied with other essential things then you are most likely in between time.
You may be pondering about taking your next vacation in Dubai, lyrics for a new poem, mentally make a grocery list, wondering when or if you will marry, visiting a family member, considering what you would like for dinner, a new thought in the process of editing your book, or buying a new suit and wondering what color it should be.
What it all means is that you are about to change battlefields because you have conquered your current war zone, and are prepared to be promoted to a whole new level of spiritual warfare because you have been trained for it by God, the Master General.
You know you are in between time when the things that use to bother you don't bother you any more because they have become laughable, you are witnessing God's word come to pass in your life, not precisely as you imagined that it would, but entirely beyond your expectations, and God is allowing you to glimpse into your future to encourage you while you are in between time.
In between time is a place where the promises of God have not all sauntered into your life, and you've grown weary with contending with sheer stupidity to the degree that you try, unsuccessfully most of the time, to warn your enemies away because you really don't want to see them confronted by an angry God of vengeance. 
While you are fighting on one level, God will always be fighting on your behalf on an entirely different battlefront, where he will simply move some of your enemies off the field altogether, relegating them to the status of a sacrificial pawn in the chess game called life.
That's when you know how much God loves you.
The in between time is one of the most difficult times you will ever endure, because you have been living in a constant state of intense warfare for so long that you really begin to wonder whether or not there is anything else ahead of you, even though you know better than to think like that, because all you have to do is remember your past and the miracles that God has placed in your life. 
Don't take them for granted just because they have been around for so long that you've grown accustomed to the blessings of God.  Big mistake!  Just remember to always be grateful for what God has given you.
The in between time is a time of wrestling with yourself as well because God has placed you on the front line of the battlefield and told you to stay put until He tells you different. You so want new experiences and new challenges in your life, but the plain facts are these:
  • The time of your promotion has not yet arrived.
  • God has created a few additional skirmishes designed specifically for you in order to test your mettle, before you can move forward within the constructs of the new life He has prepared for you. 
  • How well do you handle disappointment? You will find out.
  • How much are you willing to sacrifice within the parameters of God's holy will for your life? Remember Abraham? God will ask you to put Isaac on the altar, meaning, that thing or person that you love the most, that thing or person that you enjoy the most, or that thing or person that you desire the most will without a doubt be your sacrifice.
  • Before God gives you the best that He has He will undoubtedly demand the very best from you. You will have to take a spiritual knife to yourself and carve out any and everything that does not line up with the word of God. The very thing or person that you thought you could hold on to, you will have to let it or them go.
  • Will you still love Him when your heart is hurting?
  • Will you still love Him when your hands get burned because you reached out in hope and discover a fiery void of nothingness?
  • Will you still love Him when "friendly fire" is raining down all around you because those you love hurt you?
  • Will you still love Him when tears are falling down unchecked inside your wounded soul?
  • Will you still love him when life throws you a curve ball and you find yourself getting up off the ground of a bad decision?
If you can withstand the in between time, and endure in the heat of the battle until God moves you into your own created world, where joy, peace and tranquility will be yours in your own specific Promised Land, then happiness awaits you, meaning that something will happen in your life that will put a smile on your face, and a lightness in your heart, alleviating the burden of being in constant warfare with the enemies of God. Your springtime season will surely arrive.
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