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God in Direct Communication with Us
I Will Change
the Hearts...
For surely I shall gather my people from the four corners of the earth and bring them into right alignment with me.  The winds of change are blowing throughout the channels of sin and doubt trapped in the minds of men.
I shall surely change the pathways of rivers and the height of mountains.  Newness shall unfold within my majesty.  I will do a new thing in the earth that will cause the world to seek me en mass, collectively in prayer.  Most will seek me in fear, but my people will seek me in love.
I will change the hearts of men and women and turn them towards me.  I will take away the stumbling blocks that hinder my people, and raise them up through my divine will.  I will turn the world of my creation upside down and pull evil men down from their positions of power, and transfer their wealth to ones who are more deserving than they.
Some will commit heinous acts that I will uncover, for all secret things will I bring to the light of day for the world to judge.  Shame shall cover their faces and follow them into their hiding places.  I will mock the world as they have mocked me in their rebellion against me.
I will create in the heart of my people a new song to praise me from their valley of repentance.  I will silence the laughter of the world, and turn their laughter into tears that they will shed for the loved ones that I will take away from them.
I will tear asunder the ways of the wicked and cause them to reap the seeds they planted to their own destruction.  I will destroy all the enemies of my people.  The wicked will try to slip away from my judgments, but I will lasso them and bring them into judgment. 
For I will now judge the nations and peoples world wide, overturning the sin structures constructed by Satan and his disciples.  I will drive the homosexuals back into their closets of shame, and put the fear of death and destruction in every fiber of their being. 
I will cut the strings of manipulation from off my people suddenly, and then the wicked will know that their time of world dominance has come to an end.  They are arrogant and haughty in their rebellion against me, thinking within themselves that they can escape my judgment, but it will find them even in the darkest of their hiding places. 
I will undermine all their plans and cause them to wonder what has happened.  They will gather in discussion groups trying to figure out how to regain their hold on the minds, bodies, and souls of men, for I will snatch my people from the grasp of the wicked, and baffle all their weapons of witchcraft, and spiritual wickedness.  Their foundations are crumbling and I will flush them out of their hidden world of evil.
The silent beacon light the way of the doomed; those who have rebelled against my Word and my will.
The Silent Beacon
Light the Way...
July 6, 2011
How is it that the world turns a blind eye to the truth; the truth that it has reached it's final destination point, the end of its journey, and is now resting in the lap of recompense. 
Turmoil from hither and thither, chaos reigns instead of peace.  An upturning of the natural order of things. 
What once was is no more.  The thing that was certain has become non-existent.  Feet are marching swiftly towards their doom. 
The silent beacon light the way of the doomed; those who have rebelled against my Word and my will.  Who will cover their sin for them, for they are utterly exposed before my eyes.  Shall a child say to the parent, you are wrong, to the Creator of all that is and will be, you know not what you do?  So I will take the haughty spirit of the rebellious ones, the wicked ones and grind their spirits down beneath the ground of their arrogance. 
I will certainly not delay the overflowing recompense approaching the earth filled with men and women who have run amok within the imagination of their minds, thinking within themselves to trample on the holiest of ground, the sacred ceremony that has its foundation in my love, bound together with the rainbow ribbons of my invested love. 
Who will cut the ribbons of my love, a wayward and perverse man?  I think not.  Who will cut the ribbons of my love, a wayward and perverse woman?  I think not.  I have set in motion the trilogy of my anger to come upon the earth in waves of contempt, in waves of hostility, in waves of broken and scattered bones; human bones laying dormant in the valley of weeping, swirling in the fiery sands, tunneling down towards the earth's center, and rushing up towards the sky. 
Where are those who have vaunted themselves up above my Word and my laws?  I will search them out and remove the food from their mouths, and they will know pleasure no more, for I will turn their lives into crumbs upon which dainty feet shall tread, pushing them, grinding them into the dirty earth; for as they have done so will I do unto them.
The wicked have ground my people into the ground of their dirty, filthy sins, and made them into that which they were not meant to be, for they have trespassed on holy ground, they have foisted themselves forth on a lie foundation, and breathed their wickedness far and wide, like rampant winds gathering up the ground, the trees, and everything laying in its pathway, moving dauntlessly straight across the world, deviating not until it reaches the shore of its utter destination.
The birds are no longer singing; the flowers cease to bloom, the sun has hidden itself, and the moon and stars drip blood onto the ground of hopelessness. 
Out of the dust, a new nation will grow and multiply, a nation that I will bless and give my voice to.  This nation will right wrongs and overturn the subtle reign of the chaos of sin, this nation will breathe life into a dead, decaying lifeless world.  I have released an angelic host to protect this new nation against the perpetuated onslaught of evil she will soon face. 
The angelic host will surround her with swords of power, ushering in a new world whose foundation is poured out from my love, whose heart is my heart, whose song is my song, whose power and authority comes from me and me alone.  Many will contest her right to exist, but I will raise her up and make her foundations sure.
The eloquent will stand with her during her building up; the construction of cities.  In her midst will be cities that the world has not known before, cities of great magnitude, beauty and desirability.  She will rise from nether regions, skyward bound, through the white clouds on a clear sunny day, and land in the everlasting arms of eternity.  This city has carved out the pathway to infinity by my will, my power and my might.
I am the mighty God.  The earth is still my footstool.Some will say, let us destroy the city that God has built, but before the thought is completely formed in your minds I will utterly destroy you from off the face of the earth.  I am always in tune with the thoughts of all mankind, there is nothing hidden from me.  I am the mighty God.  The earth is still my footstool.
It is the sound of the end of the world approaching.What Is That Sound
I Hear?
July 20, 2011
8:09 p.m.
What is that sound I hear?  It is the sound of destruction worldwide seeping into the windows of men and women who have lost their way in the tunnels of sin. 
It is the sound of children's souls weeping because they are hungry.What is that sound I hear?  It is the waves of recompense washing over the heads of arrogant ones, the ones who tell tales, the ones who bring baskets of stale bread to feed the hungry, not realizing they themselves are starving to death; starving for peace, starving for love, starving for aborted destinies that lay in the hot sands of lust, strewn like dust across a world warped by insensibility, warped in their chosen isolation from their God.
It is the sound of souls lost, paying the cost of rebellion against God.
What is that sound I hear?  It is the hollow beating of dead hearts scrambling for a life that has slipped out of the hands of carelessness; callous hearts of those doomed to spend eternity in the fires of recompense.
It is the sound of the world's destiny approching on the wings of the morning.What is that sound I hear?  It is the sound of mountains collapsing, of oceans vomiting out the dead souls.  It is the sound of the flapping Wings of Destiny fastly approaching the worlds core, rising up from beneath the valleys of sin, rising above to the center of the sun's embrace. Whose face is that in the midst of the sun?  It is the Lord of lords.  It is the King of kings rising from his throne to mete out judgment.  The four corners of the earth shall wail.  Where are the mourning women?  Where are those wearing sackcloth and ashes?  Where are those in black apparel?  Find them over there in the wastelands of disobedience, in the abandoned harbors of neglect, in the shallow waters of humility, listening to the screams of unborn babies, wearing sallow eyes of those who have lost their loved ones.  Souls are swirling around in volcanic heat, surprised at its sudden overflowing into the streets of death.
What is that sound I hear?  Traffic jams, tidal waves, cursing mouths blaming God, cursing mouths damning themselves, cursing mouths foretelling their own doom.  There is no room in the churches for the Holy Spirit to flow freely.  The doors to the churches have been locked against Him, yet He tries to enter through the windows, but the windows are barred against Him.  He tries to enter from beneath the crack under the door, but black blankets of sin prevents His subtle entrance.  Weary with trying to make a home for Himself inside His church, the Holy Spirit simply walks away, seeking entrance into the open hearts of men and women, wherever He may find them; in the gutters of the world, on the street corners in the red light districts, in the secret chambers of those living in the throes despair, and in the child's unpolluted heart.
What is that sound I hear?  A loud bellowing from those trapped in the claws of sin, moaning silently to captors who have no ears, no mercy, and no sympathy.  Hollow hearts and blind souls unearthing the Silent Recompense, who stealthily marches forward, to reach the battle fields of the damned with swords drawn, and an intent heart.  The Silent Recompense carries out the will of God, overturning evil, overturning foundations of sin and corruption.
It is the sound of buildings crumbling to the ground worldwide; the fires of God falling from the sky.What is that sound I hear?  The startled cry of the world beholding the once hidden deceit of nations, the once hidden reams of depravity and decadence.  The footfalls of destiny drowns out the sound of the wicked murmurings against God, whose anger has reached the overflowing point. Where are your tall buildings?  Where are your beautiful homes and cars?  Where are the children I gave to you?  Where are your hospitals?  Where are your corrupt financial structures?  Over there in the wasteland of God's divine judgment. Can you hear the bells ringing all over the world calling men and women to enter into dead churches?  Where is my sanctuary?  Where is my praise?  Where is my adoration?  Am I not worthy of your praise and adoration?
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