Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium
The waves of God's indignation are roaring from the heaven of heavens.
The Waves
The waves of God's indignation are roaring from the heaven of heavens.  The voice of the crier is telling the world to listen to the harp playing, listen to the trumpet sounding, listen to the last train passing by sounding its horn. 
The passengers on board are locked in for their own safety, yet they perish around the next curve, falling into the ocean's deep.  Some were asleep, and knew not that death was sitting next to them. 
What ails the world?  For it is surely sick; sick with sin, sick with the noxious smell of rebellion permeating their pores, filling the rooms of their dwelling places with the fragrance of their own impending demise. 
Destiny is unfolding in the sunlight of God's Word.Walking over there in the sunlight of God's Word, resting in the hollow of His hand is the town crier barking out loudly for the whole world to hear, barking out the destinies yet to unfold.
Is anyone listening?  Has anyone altered their ways, and repented whole heartedly before a merciful God?  No, you will wait until it's too late and the waters of doom are flowing over your head, then you will cry out to me, but I will not hear you, nor will I save you from your obstinate hearts; hearts sullied by the weight of sin.
I have beckoned to you from my love's embrace.  I have called to you from my wounded heart.  I have sung my song of longsuffering to you decade after decade, but you would not even pause to listen, so in a hurry you were, to plant the seeds in the ground of your utter destruction, that you failed to see the partial view I showed to you.
I caused the rain to fall exceedingly!I shook the earth.  I caused the rain to fall exceedingly.  I paused the sun, but none took heed.  Yet a little while, and I will step into my black robes of judgment and appraise your continued value to my plans.
The Unfathomable!
The Unbeforeseen!The eagle is flying swiftly over head and pauses not for He is on a mission from me dropping the unfathomable, the unbeforeseen on the face of the earth. Find caves oh man and hide there, but even in your caves of fear I will trample upon your most prized possession.  I will repossess the blessings I have given you, and toss you out of the well-being and security I have blessed you with.
Walking up the moving stairs, flying high in the sky, listening to the music in your ears, enjoying a pleasant interlude, and then the eagle lands upon the earth.  He is greater than the earth itself, causing the earth to move a bit on its axis, and leave the world scientist to speculate the how of it, the why of it.
But a remnant shall escape by my Word. A small patch of land shall they find, and I will send rescuers to salvage what is leftover. 
What is leftover will only be enough to fill a truck, and be
carted away. 
What is leftover?
Suddenly, the world awakens!Tears of mourning echo worldwide supposing that their time will come, and their supposition will be accurate.  For before the story has been told, and before the world awakens to the disaster and digest its consequences, yet another disaster rises on the rim. Sun is glowing brightly, whitely, starkly.
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