Confidentiality for Pastors - A New Pathway to Spiritual Equilibrium
There will be a massive sweeping of the wicked into the dust pans of my vengeance.  I will sweep them up from one corner of the world to another, and pour them into the vast chambers of eternal hell. 
The earth shall rejoice and sing praises to me, for I am a God worthy of all praise. 
Forthwith shall come forth the breaking out of my spirit upon the earth as never before.  For I will save my daughters and sons from their own foolishness, and bring them into the folds of my everlasting love.
I will certainly rain down my wrath on the wicked for they have earned my wrath.  They have sought it out diligently and earnestly.  And I shall surely answer the haughty voices of wickedness, and cause their sins to stand up boldly and testify against them for the world to watch in horror, and witness the decay and unraveling of souls.
They shall run to and fro trying to escape my noose, but I will surely hang them by their own words, words that they thought they spoke in secret, but I heard the utterings of their hearts, and I witnessed their deeds.
Look now and see the holes that I have dug deeply to cause the wicked to stumble into one by one, a thousand by a thousand shall I bring their ugly deeds into the light of day. 
Their way will be shut up.  Their roads will be unpassable.  Their houses will crumble to dust because the foundations were built on the sands of wickedness; perversions of such magnitude that the heavens tremble in wait of the mighty recompense that I shall surely send forth like a mighty wind traveling from one side of the world to another, scattering everything and everyone out of its way.
For surely it is I in the wind.  It is I in the fire.  It is I in the earthquake.  It is I in the eye of the storm; my anger brewing fastidiously, swirling around the world gathering up all the arrogant ones who taunt my people, and destroy their resting places. 
Look to the east, what do you see?  That that was and is no more.  Look to the west, and what do you see?  That that was and is no more.  All the shallow places of sin shall I uncover.
All the wells of hidden treasures shall I bring forth as a gift to my beloved ones.  The earth shall surely be aghast at that hidden thing as it breaks forth in the light of my holy will. 
Terror shall strike some.  Fright shall cause some to flee.  Soon the hour approaches when all mankind will bend the knee in supplication to me.  For where else can they go, but to their Creator, the Father of all. 
I stand ready to forgive, but the recompense waits not.  It will arrive on the shores of predestination without fail.  It will arrive from skies with speed. 
The hearts of many will be stopped momentarily at the upcoming sight.  Hands shall cover their faces in distress.  Eyes shall weep tears.  Children shall cling to mothers. 
Walls of sin will crumble without ceasing until every secret thing is revealed, and the world will shudder and its foundation will shake. Nothing shall be as it was.  All things will utterly change. 
Truth has arisen from the heart of my creation, and He is walking through the earth overturning foundations, overturning lies forged in the valleys of sin. 
Truth is marching, stepping on all the buildings constructed from concrete deceptions causing them to crumble like castles of sand. 
Truth is marching into corporations of greed, and bringing forth the disease of nations, exposing the lies, exposing the thefts, exposing the corrupt souls lost in the winds of sin. 
Truthis marching down the avenues of my anger, searching along the streets of my recompense, looking into every corner exposing the hidden things that has caused the world to weep unto me, and I heard the world weeping, and I am come to bring a handkerchief to wipe the tears of the world away to comfort the world of my creation.
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