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The Voice of God 4
November 4, 2012 - 1:32 p.m.
How would you respond to someone who told you what to do in your own house, if you bought the land, and you built the house with your own hands? Yet this is what mankind, my creation, attempts to do with me. I created the world with my own hands. It is my world and I set in motion laws and instructions to live by in my own world for my own creation, humanity. Yet that same humanity rebells against my laws and dwells in a habitual, perpetual state of disobedience, which is as witchcraft, a sin against my holiness.

I walk to and fro upon the face of the earth continually watching and listening to my people as they sling my love back in my face, the death of my son on the cross of suffering and humiliation, as though it were a very little thing.

Therefore, I have set my eyes upon the earth to cause havoc in every corner of the world, to cause mankind, my creation, to stop and listen to the voice of their God, who has grown weary of their sins and disobedience to my Holy Word. For what more can I as God the Creator do to express my love for you. I have died as a sacrifice for your sins to redeem you back unto myself, but I ask you, where are you? 

Are you praying to me from a loving heart? Are you offering to me sacrifices of praise? Are you treating your neighbor as yourself? Are you of a giving and loving disposition? What sound is that that I hear in my ears? It is the sound of suffering all over the world, the sound of hunger and pain, the sound of neglect and deprivation. Did I not supply the world with everything that you need to survive pleasantly? 

Why then is the cry of my people in despair breaking through the walls of heaven daily, hourly, every moment searching for relief from the hands of callous men and women who do not care, who do not yet comprehend that the reaping days are upon the face of the whole earth. Where then will you store all your wealth? Where then will you build mansions to live in splendor and hide from me? Who are the suffering masses? Are they not you, every one of you? 

For because of your wealth, that I have blessed you with, you think within your heart that no suffering, pain, loss or despair will penetrate your front door, but I tell the nations that Suffering, Pain, Loss and Despair are already knocking on your front doors, and inexplicably you pretend that you do not hear me knocking, and will not, you think, by your own strength and power, let me in, but I am already a destructive force rendering everything that is a memory of what it once was.
I am in the wind, the fire and the earthquake. I am in the hearts and minds of my people reminding them daily to trust me with the wholeness of their lives, to lay their cares upon my shoulders for they are wide enough to carry the weight of your troubles.

I am an infinite God of Love waiting patiently for my people to turn their hearts towards me in repentance and prayer, in supplication and with a mind to turn away from evil and embrace the good within me, the author of righteousness. 

Come unto me my people and sing praises of worship to me, reach into my heart longing for you to enter the inner chambers of my love, and embrace the eternal gift of life I offer to all those who would walk according to my Word, and offer their lives to me as a sacrifice of obedience to my holy will, fulfilling their purpose, the reason I gave them life.

My people instead stumble in the darkness of their minds trying to find happiness in things when true abiding happiness can only be found in me, the God of pure love.

You have turned perishable things and people who die into idols before my throne of grace. When then can I turn my head away to hide the tears that are flowing down my wounded face yet again, tears of blood are falling relentlessly from my eyes in mourning for the dissembling of my people who refuse to obey me.

The wages of sin is death. The recompense is marching from one corner of the world to another, leaving in its wake devastation upon devastation, while people cry in the streets of recompense, wondering why their lives have been turned upside down, and why they have come face to face with their angry God. I am a God of judgment as well as love, and my eyes behold all that is and will be. I alone am perusing your past, present and future, simultaneously seeking for avenues into your hearts so that I can bring you to repentance, and to myself. 

My scales of justice are weighing the hearts of men all over the world, and I will mete out judgment for I am the Father of all that is and will be. I am a Father whose children have grown absent in their hearts towards me, running to and forth all over the world trying in vain to construct their lives to make them impenetrable to my loving grace, but my love knows no barriers. My love knows no hindrances. My love knows no heart that it can not enter, but strangely, my everlasting love is rejected. Where can a rejected God go? What then can a rejected God to but recompense my people for their haughtiness, for their arrogance towards me?
What parent would tolerate a disobedient child in their house. This world is my house and I will toss my disobedient children out of it into the arms of death and eternal damnation. My hands are overturning evil wherever I find it; in the secret chambers, hidden from the world's view where only my eyes see. I will certainly bring to light all the secret sins of men until they flee unsuccessfully into the darkness of their sins, for even there will I cause the light of judgment to find them, and bring them forth in the chains of their own doom for the world to judge and imprison.

Shame shall be their calling card. For I have revealed to the world all the secrets of mankind, the hidden evil works of witchcraft will bubble up from the darkness of its deeds until the whole world is talking about the perversions that Satan has swallowed souls whole with; sexual perversions foisted upon innocent children; sexual perversions foisted upon captured sex slaves; for I will set the captive free from their unlikely prison cells, and cause the perpetrators of this evil to wear the crowns of shame upon their heads, and I will prance them before the whole world, and cause the world to see into the inner chambers, the secret places of perversion, and cause the world to vomit up its decadent and warped individuals until I have cleaned my world and purified it once again. 

Look into your heart, my people, and see the dark places that dwell there and open the door to the light of my holy presence, for I will certainly come unto you wearing the crown of my sacrifice with the banner of my shed blood, and the eternal gift in my hands, an offering to those who would obey me and strive to be like me in holiness. For I await patiently for my people to turn their hearts towards me in love, for I am Love.

Those who call themselves Christians, but are nothing but pawns of Satan, I am coming after you with my swords of vengeance and recompense drawn. For you have devoured my people unceasingly, so then will I devour you from morning until evening, from death to death, until weeping souls will be parading in the streets, until the foundations of evil crumble, until the pervasive evil is clean swept away from the face of the whole earth. 

Look on your left side. What do you see? It is I standing there poised to destroy your arrogance, poised to defeat your works of iniquity perpetuated upon my people. I stand ready to open the gates of death and destruction upon the world. I stand ready to send forth the walls of water repeatedly until the map makers are forced to redraw the maps of the world. 

For I will surely send forth a quake that will utterly destroy nations, a quake that will split nations into two, a quake that will send millions to their death in mere moments of time. Know then that when this devastating quake occurs that it is my wrath against the wicked who assault my people without consideration to me, their God. Look therefore, O wicked nations, before you and behind you. Tell your God what do you see? You see your future devastation based on your past acts of violence against my righteous ones. 

For you have stolen from them. You have raped them. You have foisted your perversions upon their innocent ones. So will I foist upon you devastation upon devastation, so much so, that before one devastation is ended another one will arise. Before the tears are shed from one catastrophe in the world look to your news media, for another catastrophe is on the horizon breaking forth in angry waves of disobedience, breaking forth in fires and wind, breaking forth in nature's abundant stores of recompense.

For I will certainly turn the nature of my creation against you. Locusts are coming from the east, west, south and north. The skies are black with them. The beetles will destroy your crops. The wind of prosperity will flee your houses as I carry what is yours away, and give it to others who have served me and who obey me. Look into the secret chambers of your hearts. For in there you will find the worms of death eating away at your souls until you have become unrecognizable to your God.

Where are my songs of praise that used to come to me from your hearts? Where are my sacrifices on the altars of obedience to my Word and my will in your lives? The endless streams of joy have forsaken you because you have forsaken me. I dwell on the outside of your hearts and have been replaced by things and people that will pass away along with this present world in which you dwell but temporarily.

Where are those gone before you? Are they not with me? Are they not in Eternity's dwelling awaiting divine judgment? The halls of judgment are awaiting your arrival. The cry of the wolf has been heard from afar. The mourning has already begun for those that will soon arrive in eternity's embrace. Dig up the burying places to bury your dead in advance for I have already taken them away from you. Know that an angry God is marching  among you, swords of death drawn, meting out judgment upon judgment for all your incredible acts of evil, for all your mounting unrepentant sins; houses of sin constructed for the purpose of destroying souls without number. Houses of sin built on the foundation of a lie that causes you to believe that I will not recompense your ways upon your head.
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