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July 5, 2012

Today the wrath of the Lord is moving from one corner of the world to another, leaving in its wake devastation upon devastation, his anger preceding him up and down the steps of time, marching throughout the corners of the world, peering into the deeds of men, seeing the minds of weakness and horror intermingled, as one sending forth pain and destruction worldwide wrecking havoc beneath the very foundations of the world. 

Sin is shaking the world's foundations, so much so, that the earth itself has grown weary and split in two, for the amassed weight of sin it has been contrarily forced to carry. The weight of sin has brought about destruction worldwide. The use and abuse of the children of God comes to a stuttering halt. God's anger is seeking vengeance and trying the evil on the weight of their secret sins, and exposing them one by one, two by two, and three by three. 

"What is this?" the world asks of its ongoing devastation. World leaders gather to discuss a remedy. Water will no long douse the fires of God's anger, but conditions grow worse and worse until the only place of safety is where the fires have already burned; in the ashes of destruction where new homes will rise, only this time they will be built on a sure foundation, the Lord Jesus Christ. His blood is covering the world in every corner, in every height and depth, width and length. Where then can the wicked run to now? For nowhere can they hide.

The destruction of every foundation of the wicked is nigh at hand; wither shall they go? For the light of recompense finds all of their hiding places. Judgment is walking back and forth on the earth meting out God's anger via recompense. The clouds are full of rain that will not fall. Hope is buried in the wet sands on the beaches all over the world. Red blood drips from the posts of every door; the burying places have ran out of room. Pyres are built high as the bodies burn all over the world. "Why?", the world asks. "Sin", God answers. 

Prophets sings praises to God. Churches are utterly destroyed because sin preaches from the pulpits. Neighbors are at war with one another because of theft of property. Food is scarce. Countries threaten war against one another trying to gain resources for its starving people.

Africa shall surely prosper during a time of great distress because she is a raped continent, she is a ravished people, but in distress of times she will be blessed. The waters will fall. Her land will be green. Her economies will flourish once again and all looters will be cast from her shores. Africa is black once again; all foreigners have been run off of the hollow lands, lands that have been blessed by God. Her doors will be open to her sons and daughters. Her wealth will be equally distributed, and her borders sure, her wealth multiplied.

The top shall swing to the bottom, and the bottom shall swing to the top. Leaders worldwide will be displaced, some murdered in their sleep, others hung in the open courts. Righteousness will breed righteousness and walk from one corner of the world to another. The rape and pillage of nations will be no longer. 

Children will be taken from the horror of sexual predators. Laws shall pass worldwide of execution to all child molesters, of which, many will forfeit their lives because the Lord will open the mouths of the children who will begin to tell the truth, and like floodgates opened wide, the tales of horror will be told. The news media will tell their heart- rending stories, and shame their predators, though they will scurry like rats to their holes trying to avoid prosecution, but the eyes of the Lord will search them out. The eyes of the Lord will find them and expose them for the monsters that they have become. 

The whole world is tilted on its axis. The cries of the wicked are muted pleas that go unnoticed. Where can the recompense be buried? In which hole shall we seek to annul her devastating harangue? The world conference will yield no solutions, but those who belong to God will he place in a safe haven, and cause them to prosper in the midst of devastation because God's aim is the destruction of the wicked and the annihilation of their constructs, but he will hide those he calls his own in secret places of prosperity that he has carved out of the rocks specifically for them. And they shall rejoice at the handiwork of the Lord for he has given them an island in the midst of the fires of destruction, an island surrounded by the waters of the Holy Spirit protecting her inhabitants from the overflowing wrath of a very angry God.

For I shall deflate the wicked and cause them to wave in the wind like torn and tattered flags. I will pull the teeth from the lion's mouth and declaw him so that he is rendered helpless before his enemies, for now his enemies will turn and chase him and corner the carnivorous lion and devour him as meat in the field. The wicked have no power. They have been torn asunder by the wrath of an angry God. All their places of abode are gone, given to others. Everything that they possessed has been stripped away and given to others.

Death precedes death. Destruction precedes destruction. On both sides of the world the festering sores of the wicked shall be burned with fire. The ashes of their remnants shall be placed in the town squares and celebrations worldwide will occur from morning to night, all night long celebrations because now the wicked have been banished from the face of the whole earth. The earth sighs in relief and rejoices that the evil weight of sin has been removed from her shoulders. 

What is this that is soaring overhead? It is the Holy Spirit of God come down from the heavens to set the world aright, to bring God's people into right relationship with him, to turn a nation's heart back to God, to cause praise and worship of the high God to reign in the hearts and minds of men worldwide. 

Twin preachers shall turn the world on its ear because the Word of God flows freely from them. The news media will cease to be a weapon of the wealthy, but turn its power into righteous behavior elevating the good and negating the evil. Nations will declare to the world that they are now Christian nations who serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Praying will not be out of the ordinary on street corners all over the world, in shopping malls, in grocery stores, in banks; the Holy Spirit will fall on the preachers of God, who will immediately declare his world to the public. Television programs will be interrupted to listen to street corner preachers declaring the unadulterated Word of the true and living God. 

I hear the sound of marching feet, an enumerable army. Whose army are they? They are the army of the Lord. Where are they marching to? They are marching to Jerusalem to give offerings and thanksgiving to the one mighty God, the Lord of lords, and the Kings of kings, to lay before him the praises due his name. 

The creator has arisen from his throne and deigned to step down into every facet of man's business, orchestrating it according to his divine will. Who will hinder him?
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