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What miracle promise has God whispered in your ear?
What's in your brown paper bag?  Remember elementary school at lunch time, when you went to get your lunch that was in a brown paper bag folded down with your name written on it.  That was before the invention of cartoon lunch boxes.  Sometimes you never knew what your mother had packed in the brown paper bag for your lunch.  Mostly it was a surprise; a sandwich for sure, a piece of fruit and potato chips or cookies.
Often times God gives us his greatest gifts in a brown paper bag.  That is to say, that his greatest gifts are often way over into the land of impossibility, hidden within the arms of a simple obscurity.
So far over, in fact, that when we finally work up the nerve to open the bag and really look inside, we, like Abraham, fall down to the ground in laughter because of the impossibility of it all.
God speaks to us telling us what he has given us.  After the few moments it takes to wrap our minds around what He has just said to us, laughter bubbles up in our souls because it is so far outside of the little box that contains our reality, that there is no other immediate response that we can have.
Abraham was 100 years old, Sarah was 90 years old, so they both laughed at the Word God gave them, that they would have a son in their old age.  Nevertheless, the Word of the Lord came to pass, and Isaac was born.
What's in your brown paper bag?  What did God give you, or tell you that is categorized as impossible? The mere fact that it is impossible in an indication that it came from God, because He is the only one that can give an impossible gift.
After you hear what God has told, your ongoing response will be to ignore it, because it cannot possibly be true, and later you begin ask yourself: If it's true, why would God do so great a thing for me?
Often times God give to us the greatest gift in a brown paper bag, meaning that, initially, it seems like an insignificant little thing. 
If you were walking down the sidewalk and you saw a brown paper bag laying on the ground, would you stop to pick it up? 
No,  but if you saw an expensive looking jewelry box, would you stop, pick it up and look inside?  Yes, you probably would.  The chances are there's not going to be anything valuable in a brown paper bag, but a jewelry box, well that's another story. 
God wants us to open the gift He has given us recognizing, first of all, that He is God and can do all things, secondly, He requires our unwavering faith in His ability to perform His Word.
Your spirit knows that something has changed, because when God gives you a gift of such magnitude, there's no way that you can remain the same.  Unknown to you, you begin to walk with the mantle of a new anointing upon you, because the minute God spoke the Word, it became a reality, though as of yet unseen. 
When Samuel poured the oil on David's head, David was the King of Israel according to the Word of God, and unknown to him, David began to walk in a new anointing, with the spiritual mantle of a king wrapped around his shoulders, even though his kingdom was as of yet unseen. 
We are urged by God's spirit to open the brown paper bag that we keep staring at from a distance, walking around it, perplexed about it, intimidated by it, until finally we work up the courage to open the bag and peer inside. 
It is at this point that God begins to unfold the precious gift that He has given you, right before your startled eyes.  That seemingly subtle little thing begins to multiply and grow because you had enough faith to open the brown paper bag.

At some point Abraham had to visit Sarah's tent, but can you imagine the questions he must have asked himself prior to acting on the Word of God. 
Even though God has given us a great gift, we still must demonstrate faith before it can began to come to pass in our lives.  It is that great leap of faith that we must make into the creative swirling pool of God's Word.  His Word is living therefore effectual, changing our lives in inexplicable, unimaginable ways.
The gift may not seem like much because of the brown paper bag that it comes in, nothing ostentatious, nothing that would grab your immediate attention, nothing extravagant, just a simplicity that asks only one thing from you; trust in God and faith that He is able to bring His Word to pass.
Don't think because God has given you one magnificent gift that He has nothing else for you.  God is infinite in His creativity, and has storehouses of gifts to give to his beloved ones. 
We know through the Word of God that without faith it is impossible to please God.  Faith then is the catalyst that boosts us up into the spiritual stratosphere of God's impossible realms.
In this spiritual stratosphere of impossibility we stumble upon the intricate blessings of God, and you should know that the prerequisite of such a gift requires you to pour your life out before God within the majesty of His holy presence.  You have already made the decision that God's will and Word is first in your life, everything and everyone else is secondary.
When God deems you worthy, and you are walking through your trials and tribulations with your love for God unscathed, and your love for Him is ever growing in magnitude for the divine grace and love that He has given you, that is most likely when He will begin to present you with brown paper bags; demonstrations of His love for you, and indications of the profound direction of your divine destiny.
Nevertheless,  sometimes before you are even able to really define who God really is, He is capable of inexplicable generosity towards you, in that he will answer your prayers with such abundance that His loving thoughts towards you overwhelms you, causing your love for Him to find a permanent place in your heart that sustains you and lasts for a lifetime.
We are clay in the potter's hand, and the potter is able to make of the clay whatsoever He wills.  The more malleable we are in God's hand the more glory He can obtain from our lives, and the more He can use us to change the world and consequently, the lives of His children.
Remember the sound of a paper bag when you begin to open it, well, spiritually speaking, when you begin to open the impossible door that God has placed in your pathway, and you begin to walk through that door, however cautiously, you should know that Satan and all his imps hear the sound of your brown paper bag opening.   You can be sure that a war has been waged against you. 
Within the parameters of this illegitimate war against you is everything you need to spur you forward, because every obstacle that you face draws out more resilience within you, making you stronger and stronger until you overcome every challenge facing you, until the birth of the impossible occurs, your Isaac, the promise of God.
Then you will wake up in a brand new world within worlds, that place that God has created just for you, where no one has ever walked before, a new pathway born by your audacious faith in God, the Creator of everything that is and will be, worthy of all praises and honor.
What is your Isaac; the impossible Word that God has spoken over your life?
So, what has God placed in your brown paper bag? 
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