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Your Promised Land Moment
What are the prophetic words that God has spoken over your life?
Don't miss your promised land moment.  It is but a crack in time that pauses briefly before you, and awaits your timid entrance.  Timidity will be your first response, but walk hurriedly past it before doubt sets in, after which, fear is sure to follow causing you to miss your promised land moment.  From that point on there is nowhere to go but backwards because God will be finished with you, consequently, Satan will become your defacto father.
You might say that that is rather cruel, but here's the thing; God, no doubt, has spent years grooming you, preparing you, pruning you, blessing you, and anointing you, all to bring you into the land that he has promised you, into that place where all the prophetic words that He has spoken over your life will come to pass.
Remember the Israelites who allowed fear to drown reason and ended up dead; scattered bones in the wilderness of God's anger.  When God opens the door before you that leads to your promised land, walk boldly through it.  At first it may not be recognizable as your promised land because it will be abstract, blurry and indefinable.  But in His mercy God will hold the door open for awhile to give you a moment to dwell on it.
You will know it is God urging you forward, but because you cannot fathom that the thing is specifically designed for you, set up as an entrance into God's divine plan for your life, you stand on isle of pause, somewhat perplexed.  And because you didn't foresee this puzzling aspect of it, and you didn't envision it the way God presented it, and it doesn't look the way you thought it would, and it is so outside the realm of what you expected, that you hesitate, consequently within the parameters of your hesitation, you are setting yourself up to falter at the obscurity of it all.
The Israelites had a brief moment to change their minds and hearts, about obeying the will of God ,when they heard the evil report of the men who searched out their promised land, and found the intimidating giant Anakims in residence.
Your giant Anakim may be that you don't know what you are doing, and you may feel like a fish out of water, but it all boils down to your faith in God.  Do you believe that God is able to carry you through what is unknown to you, but designed by Him for you? 
If God is telling you to go forth He must know what is ahead of you.  He already knows the mistakes you will make, and has incorporated them into his divine plan, which is no happenstance, but measured and tactical to get you from point A to point B. If you fail to take that initial first step you will never know or enjoy the miracles he has prepared for you. 
© 2011 Barbara Hendrix
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