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Hello Brothers and Sisters,
We live in a curious world fraught with the quick sands of instability and doubt on the one hand, and hope and faithfulness on the other.  Within the context of hope we find that through God all things are possible even during unstable times and doubting hearts.
Many doubt that God is all-powerful and all-knowing because they have not taken the time to get to know Him, and to develop a close relationship with Him, which requires time and discipline.
Within the framework of finite time there are avenues down which one can travel, and find a secret place in the very heart of the infinite God; a place specifically designed with you in mind.
We are, after all, His children and a father adores his children and wants only the very best for them.  Because God is our father He lovingly chastises us.  However, when we are going through the greatest trials of our lives, even wrapped up in His arms, we sometimes feel that God has abandoned us.
It is in this faux abandoned state of mind that we often stumble away from God, lose our way, and begin to grope in the darkness of our despair for any hint of light to show us the way. But we are never truly lost because God is ever-present with, surrounding us, and protecting us with His unchanging love. 
The trial of our faith is always before us.  Sometimes it feels as though we are going backward, but as the true children of God’s heart and love, we are ever moving forward in His will, though we stumble under the weight of our tribulations, we are strengthening ourselves nevertheless.
Our strides toward the God of light, from the darkness of this world, gives birth to new beings gradually emerging from cocoons of obscurity to become like butterflies dancing merrily in the sunlight of God’s inexplicable grace.
May you find your Inspirational Oasis in the desert sands of the challenges set before you by God.  He knows what it will take to create in you a holy vessel to pour His spirit into, and by His spirit within you, turn the heart of the world back to Him.
May you go up and over all the mountains of your trials, and come through it all with the smile of love ever-present in your heart, and the strength of character that comes from endurance and overcoming all the chasms of hindrance that would prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.
Are you sitting on the walls of doubt wondering whether to leap off into the unknown, and let your faith in God be your guide of truth?

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